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Where will your make-up take you in 2020?

Discover the perfect Sisley products for your destination beauty look

Discover a Sisley make-up look, perfect for you. Take inspiration from one of our top 5 destination beauty looks.

Venice - Radiance of the Venetian palaces

Let the night reveal your beauty. Behind the mask, a spellbinding beauty enhances your features. We will have to wait for the strike of midnight to reveal it.

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Rio - The vibrancy of the tropics

Under the canopy, make colour your best ally. Like a bird of paradise, you make each place a wonderful country. A traveller at heart, you leave, joyful, illuminating your surroundings.

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Tangier - The sensuality of an oriental dream

Capture attention in any circumstance. Magnetic, you carry the mysteries of the Orient wherever you go. Your smokey eye reveals nothing and your lips, delicately lined conceal all your secrets.

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Paris - The excitement of the city lights

Shine during the day, illuminate at night. Your goal is to attain your hour of glory. At twilight, your presence lights up all that you pass and the party is suspended in the dark of your eyelids.

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Selsoya - The brightness of an arctic night

Give your skin the serenity it needs. You revl in the calming softness of dawn. Pastel colours enhance you the most and subtly reflect your mood.

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