Nutrients that contribute to hair growth,  pigmentation, strength and resilience


(meat, fish...) - It has an essential effect on the synthesis of keratin which makes up 90% of the hair fibre.


(vegetables, whole cereals, oleaginous fruits, chocolate...) - It also contributes to the synthesis of keratin and protects the capillary root from oxidative stress.


(seafood, nuts, chocolate...) - It is essential to the synthesis of melanin, the pigment that gives hair its colour.

Vitamin B6

(oily fish, meat, potatoes...) - It promotes correct hair growth and makes hair stronger and more resilient.

Pro-Vitamin B5

(eggs, meat, cheese...) - It contributes to the development of the hair follicle and makes hair shinier and softer, as well as adding volume.

Vitamin E

(oils, margarine, oleaginous fruits...) - Contributes to healthy cohesion of the hair and helps soothe the scalp through its anti-oxidant properties.

Sulphur-containing amino acids

(meat, fish, seafood, eggs...) - They provide strength, resilience and softness to hair and assist in correct growth.

Essential fatty acids including Omega 3, Omega 6

(rapeseed oil, fish, eggs...) - They are essential to healthy hair growth and contribute to the correct hydration of the scalp.

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