If your skin tends to become drier when the air becomes colder it is therefore important to take care of it with a targeted ritual.

Massage your scalp

Grant yourself a moment of relaxation by massaging your scalp at least once a week. Rebalance, soothe and purify with Soothing Anti-dandruff Cure. Apply 4 pipettes section by section to a dry or damp scalp and massage in with the fingertips. Do not rinse. Include this step in your ritual after your shampoo three times a week for three weeks to eliminate dandruff, rebalance the scalp and soothe feelings of discomfort.

Turn down the temperature of the water

We’d love to relax in a scorching hot shower after a chilly day! But, be careful, hot water tends to dry out hair, so you are recommended to turn down the temperature and finish your cleansing ritual with a cold rinse to seal the cuticle and maintain maximum shine.

In winter, it is essential to pay particular attention to hair’s hydration and nutrition.

Repair right to the ends

Hats, scarves, jumpers and heavy coats are an integral part of our winter arsenal. However, this friction tends to weaken your hair and create hair static.

Choose the shampoo tailored to your hair type and supplement with an added dose of nutrition.

For damaged, split and/or brittle ends, Hair Rituel by Sisley's Restructuring Nourishing Balm should be applied before shampooing to nourish, repair and restructure hair.

Dry your hair before going out

Over and above the risk of catching a nasty cold, going out when your hair is still wet risks damaging it and leaving it even more sensitive to breakage.

To prevent both a winter cold and split ends, make sure to always go out with dry hair. If you use a hair dryer or straightener to style your hair, apply repairing and thermo-protective The Cream 230, which protects the hair fibre from hot styling tools, beforehand.