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How to slow down hair loss

Hair loss mostly affects men, but can also affect women too. Several factors are responsible: it may be genetic, it may be seasonal, or it may be the result of stress. This guide will look at how to slow down hair loss and balding, and how to stimulate the growth of stronger hair.

How to slow down balding using good habits

Good habits

Massage your scalp

When applying hair care products, whether they are cleansers, hair masks or serums, it is important to massage the scalp. This gesture will promote blood microcirculation and will bring good nutrition to the hair bulb, helping to slow hair loss and making hair stronger and more beautiful.

Use hair care products to slow down balding

There are many treatments aimed at slowing down hair loss and balding. Serums, treatments and other lotions have proven their action on this phenomenon. Many of them favour body, thickness and volume. Many of them help to promote hair density and volume.

Change your habits

Stress can exacerbate and accelerate hair loss. To limit its effects, exercise regularly and use gentle relaxation methods such as yoga or meditation.

Which products help to slow hair loss?

If you have noticed hair loss, try a course of hair loss treatments

Hair loss treatments

A cure to slow down hair loss and reduce balding

If you are experiencing hair loss (including male pattern baldness), you should consider an anti-hair loss treatment. This will slow down hair loss and improve hair density, and will also promote hair vitality. For one month, apply 3 pipettes of the product to the scalp every other day, parting by parting, especially in areas of hair loss, and massage with your fingertips. Afterwards, apply the hair loss product twice a week for another two months, targeting the hair bulb directly when applied to the scalp.

Here are the essential active ingredients to fight hair loss. Find them in the routine below:

• Vitamin peptide: improves hair density.

• Einkorn Wheat extract: improves strength and resistance from the root.

• Fortifying Vitalising Complex: improves hair vitality.

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Intensive hair loss cure for the scalp

Any questions?

What causes hair loss?

In men, hair loss is mostly genetic and is known as male pattern baldness. But it can also be caused, in both women and men, by a hormonal imbalance, stress, trauma, heavy medication, or by the seasons changing.

Why is Revitalising Fortifying Serum so popular with users?

Revitalising Fortifying Serum effectively slows hair loss. It also makes hair thicker, stronger and more beautiful.

What routine should I use to prevent hair loss?

Use Revitalising Fortifying Serum as a course of hair loss treatment every other day for a month, then use it twice a week for two months for maintenance.