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How do I detangle my hair

Does your hair tend to tangle? So much so that even the best detangling hair brush can’t get rid of your knots? This issue can be due to your hair’s natural characteristics (when it’s dry, curly or coily) or due to its length. Here are all the tips to follow and the rituals to use to leave your hair soft, supple and glossy once more.

Good habits

Brush your hair

Brushing your hair remains the most effective way to stop knots from forming. Brush your hair several times a day with a soft brush, ideally one with natural bristles, first from the ends to the roots to detangle the lengths, then from the roots to the ends in order to evenly distribute the sebum, which is the hair’s main source of nourishment. Remember also to carefully brush your hair before you wash it to remove impurities and make detangling easier after washing.

Use suitable hair care products

Choose nourishing hair care products suited to your hair type: if your hair tends to get tangled, it might be dry and therefore need nourishing. If you frequently use heat styling tools like a hairdryer, straighteners or curling irons, remember to apply a heat protective spray to your lengths beforehand.

Choose your accessories carefully

If your hair tends to get tangled, use cotton accessories to tie it up. Elasticated hair bands may encourage knots and break hair.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Silk is renowned for reducing friction, helping to keep hair soft and neat all night long.

Opt for certain hairstyles

Stop your lengths from getting tangled by plaiting your hair. Added bonus: natural waves when you undo your hair!

Which detangling hair care products should I use?

Smoothing and detangling hair care products

The detangling routine

Smoothing and detangling hair care products

Use a natural bristle brush on a daily basis, which is gentler on the hair fibre than a plastic brush. Using it regularly helps to eliminate impurities and boost hair shine. Use it morning and evening, as well as before washing. In terms of detangling shampoo, apply a smoothing one with key ingredients that will coat the hair, and follow with a conditioner to make hair easier to detangle.

Here are the key ingredients selected by Sisley for smoothing and detangling hair:

SHEA OIL : smoothes the cuticle, improves the shine, limits dehydration.

HAZELNUT OIL : softens and smoothes the hair.

COTTONS PROTEINS : rebuild the hair’s protein structure.

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Any questions?

Why does my hair tangle?

This can be for several reasons: your hair’s natural characteristics, its condition (dry because it’s curly, coily, colour-treated or bleached, etc.), or external factors. Wind, pollution, sea salt and chlorine can make knots more likely to appear.

Why does longer hair tangle easily?

The longer the hair, the drier its ends. This dryness gives the hair a “roughness” that encourages the formation of knots.

How do I detangle my hair without damaging it?

Use a natural bristle brush to gently brush from the ends to the roots, without pulling.

How do I stop my hair from tangling?

Use smoothing and/or coating detangling hair care products and tie your hair up, preferably using fabric accessories, when you’re on the go.