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How to conceal dark circles and puffiness with your Sisley makeup

Dark circles and puffiness, which are accentuated by fatigue and the passing of time, impact the radiance of the eye area and complexion, leaving the face looking wrinkled and tired. To reduce them, it is essential to choose specific textures and formulas rich in pigments and skincare active ingredients that will smooth and illuminate the eye contour. Discover how to conceal dark circles and reduce puffiness in a few steps.

Sisley's expert guide for concealing dark circles and puffiness

Sisley's expert guide

Use suitable products

As the eye contour is an extremely sensitive and delicate area with thin skin that displays wrinkles early, it deserves the greatest care. Morning and evening, apply specific eye care after your moisturising routine and before makeup. If you apply makeup, remove all traces of eyeshadow, concealer and mascara before going to bed using a formula designed for the eye contour area.

Be gentle

When you remove your makeup, there is no need to apply excessive pressure. Leave a cotton pad soaked in product on the eye for a few seconds, then gently wipe to remove the makeup. If you like rich textures, use a cleansing balm or gel made for massaging into the eye area and face with the fingertips. Their formulas will effectively remove pigments and impurities while leaving skin comfortable.

Choose the right shade

When it comes to concealing dark circles and puffiness, the shade matters just as much as the formula. Have purple under-eye circles? Use a yellow shade. Choose an orangey undertone for blue circles or a pinkish undertone for brown circles.

Decongest the eye contour

Puffiness is caused by a build-up of lymph or fat under the eye, which means that blood and lymph flow are slower than they should be. Activate them by tapping gently with your fingertips, or use a massage tool suited to the eye area.

What routine should I use to conceal dark circles and puffiness?

Everyday makeup

The simple routine

Everyday makeup

Once your eye contour cream has absorbed, decongest the area with a cold accessory, then apply concealer using a Sisley makeup brush and add some to the upper eyelid to even out the skin, if needed.

Here are Sisley’s selection of key ingredients for improving skin quality:

• RED VINE EXTRACT : anti-dark circle, brightens

• CAFFEINE : anti-puffiness


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Smooth, Revitalise and enlighten

9 shades newshades

Anti-dark circles skincare

Instant glow primer

The anti-ageing routine

The anti-ageing routine

Brightening makeup

Massage your eye contour with a suitable accessory, then apply an anti-ageing skincare product designed for this area. Use the makeup brush to work the concealer over the dark circle or under-eye bag and the upper eyelid. This step helps to even out the skin and visually reduce the signs of ageing and fatigue, which dull the eye area. Finish with a touch of highlighter under your eyebrow and on the upper cheekbone to brighten up your eyes.

Here are Sisley’s selection of key ingredients for revealing younger-looking skin:

• ATLAS CEDAR EXTRACT : action on blue circles

• PASSION FRUIT EXTRACT : fights against puffiness

• OAT SEED EXTRACT : lifting effect

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Anti-wrinkle - Firming - Anti-puffiness - Anti-dark circles

9 shades newshades

Anti-dark circles skincare

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Radiance booster highlighter pen

Need expert advice?

How to achieve a natural glow?

The essence of a glowing skin is your skincare routine, especially the moisturising and exfoliating steps. As for makeup, even out your skin tone with a foundation or tinted moisturiser and enhance luminosity with a highlighter.

How to apply highlighter?

Apply after your foundation and powder as a finishing touch. Use your fingertip or a brush on cheekbones, under the eyebrow arch, the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow.

How to get a glowing look with combination or oily skin?

Even out your skin tone with a foundation and mattify shine with loose powder. Then, enhance your natural features with highlighter.

What products are essential for glowing skin?

An illuminating primer, a radiance-boosting foundation and a highlighter.

How to get a glowing look with mature skin?

Your skincare routine is crucial: moisturise and nourish skin with products that are rich in anti-ageing active ingredients to improve radiance and even out skin tone. Choose a foundation that suits your skin type; target dark areas with a highlighting concealer.