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What anti-ageing skincare routine should you choose for your skin type?

Over time, skin loses its elasticity and tone, but also its glow. Wrinkles appear, skin tone becomes uneven and sagging begins. The body is also impacted by the passing of time. Although skin ageing is inevitable, a suitable skin care routine can help to combat visible signs of ageing and restore younger-looking skin to both the face and body.

Top anti-ageing tips

Top anti-ageing tips

Stay hydrated

Water is essential for beautiful skin. It helps skin maintain its hydration level and natural elasticity. Dehydrated skin is more likely to show fine lines, visible signs of ageing are accentuated on dry skin.

Protect skin from the sun and external aggressions

UV rays accelerate skin ageing and its visible signs: wrinkles, dark spots, a loss of firmness etc. Consider applying daily sunscreen, especially when you’re spending time out in the sun.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle has a significant impact on skin beauty and the appearance of signs of ageing - certain factors may accelerate these: stress, not getting enough sleep, smoking, poor diet... Limit bad habits as far as possible, get enough sleep and try to regulate your stress levels, however you do that best (exercise, meditation, yoga etc.). Your skin will thank you!


Movement is essential for your well-being. Not getting enough exercise is bad for your health: blood circulation is more sluggish, muscles lose their tone, bad posture can cause pain and so on. Physical exercise helps to keep the body in shape, pumping oxygen around your system and making your muscles work. The benefits also extend to the skin. When the body is toned, the skin is too. Signs of the passing of time appear less quickly, firmness is preserved.

Massage your face

Wrinkles appear when skin loses its support due to ageing muscles and repeated muscle movement. By massaging muscles we relax them and in doing so we can soften the appearance of wrinkles. Ideally dedicate some time to massaging the face or body with massage oil: as skin tends to dry out with age, the oil will provide the nutrition it needs. When you apply your anti-ageing facial skin care, use upwards movements to smooth fine lines, then lightly tap the fingertips over the face to wake up your muscles.

Remove make-up carefully

Taking off your make-up properly is crucial for healthy skin. If you skip this step in your skincare routine, your skin will be weighed down with impurities and pollution and cannot fully perform its nightly repairs. Skipping this step can lead to dry skin upon waking, causing more visible signs of ageing.

The anti-ageing skin care rituals

The first signs of ageing routine

The first signs of ageing routine

Anti-ageing hydrating skin care

When the first signs of ageing appear (wrinkles, a lack of radiance, dryness), you need to use a targeted skin care routine that’s both hydrating and anti-ageing. In the morning and evening, apply a face serum, and moisturising cream to help the skin regain its smoothness and elasticity. For the eyes, use a revitalising, anti-fatigue cream with a fresh applicator to massage the area.

These are the key active ingredients to combat the first signs of ageing:

SHEA BUTTER: nourishes, soothes and regenerates.

PADINA PAVONICA EXTRACT: moisturises and smoothes.

JAPANESE CEDAR BUD EXTRACT: restores suppleness to the skin.

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The advanced anti-ageing skin care routine

The advanced anti-ageing skin care routine

Expert skincare

When visible signs of ageing are no longer easy to erase, expert skin care is required. By using a serum and cream with powerful active ingredients, your skin will become firmer and more even with a healthy glow. These formulas also work on the appearance and depth of wrinkles for smoother skin. The fragile eye area quickly starts to show signs of ageing, use targeted skin care, ideally with a massage tool to smooth the skin and optimise the product benefits.

These are the key active ingredients to reduce signs of ageing:

• SOY PEPTIDE EXTRACT: anti-wrinkles and firmness.

• RHATANY EXTRACT AND LADY'S MANTLE EXTRACT help to stimulate and smooth the skin texture.

• ADENOSINE: anti-wrinkle.

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The radiance and anti-dark spot routine

The radiance and anti-dark spot routine

Radiance-boosting anti-ageing skincare

Skin ageing isn’t just about firmness. Ageing also affects radiance and can cause the appearance of dark spots, leading to an uneven skin tone. To restore skin’s even tone and healthy glow, use a routine that combines a serum with a dark spot corrector, an anti-ageing cream and a protective shield.

These are the key active ingredients to boost radiance and reduce signs of ageing:


• OAT SEED EXTRACT: smoothes the skin texture.

• MEADOW BISTORT EXTRACT: targeted action on the appearance of older and extended dark spots.

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The body anti-ageing routine

The body anti-ageing routine

Anti-ageing body care

Like your face, your body can be impacted by the passing of time. It gradually loses firmness and tone; wrinkles and dark sports appear on the neck, chest, hands etc. Use targeted skin care every day: an anti-ageing body cream, one for the neck, where thin skin often shows signs of ageing, a dark spot corrector and lastly, chest cream as the skin in this area often lacks elasticity.

These are the key active ingredients for body care to reduce signs of ageing:

YEAST AND SOY PROTEIN COMPLEX: cellular longevity.


SUNFLOWER OIL: nourishes, softens and revitalises.

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Any questions?

What type of anti-ageing skin care do I need?

Needs vary according to skin type, age and lifestyle. Some people will see the first signs of ageing appear before 30, others will notice them later. As soon as you start to see fine lines, even light ones, use anti-ageing skin care products. When the passing of time can no longer be smoothed away, opt for an expert anti-ageing product.

How can I work out what anti-ageing needs my skin has?

Simply take a close look at your skin: are there any wrinkles? Do you have gaunt and drawn features? Is the outline of your face softening? Are your eyelids smooth or have they started to sag? Is your skin tone dull? Do you have any dark spots? Then you’ll know which routine to use: anti-wrinkle, firmness, radiance etc.

What is the difference between anti-wrinkle skin care and skincare targeted at firmness?

Wrinkles are due, among other things, to a decrease in the level of collagen, the true pillar of support for the skin, in the dermis. This is why deep lines appear on the face. The loss of firmness is due to a lack of elastin in the dermis with the passing of time: skin is less toned, has less elasticity and starts to sag. An anti-wrinkle cream will soften wrinkles, a firming product will combat skin sagging which is responsible for the collapse of facial features.

Why does skin age? How can I slow down the ageing process?

Cellular degeneration is part of life. From a certain age, which differs according to the person, cellular renewal slows and starts to degrade, and visible signs of ageing appear: wrinkles and dark spots, a loss of firmness and radiance etc. Certain factors can visibly accelerate skin ageing, like sun exposure, alcohol consumption, smoking, not getting enough sleep, poor diet etc. To slow skin ageing you need to have a healthy lifestyle, protect your skin form the sun and use anti-ageing skincare.

Why does protecting the skin slow signs of ageing?

Because sun exposure accelerates skin ageing. Over exposure to the sun has visible effects: wrinkles appear more quickly, dark spots become permanent, the skin loses firmness. So it’s essential to avoid sun exposure during the hottest part of the day or for prolonged periods. Apply sunscreen daily. In summer, use anti-ageing sunscreen, its dual action will protect the skin from both sun damage and ageing.