A clean skin - Sisley Paris

The foaming cream

With its new-generation formula, enriched with active skincare ingredients to leave your skin soft and supple, Radiance Foaming Cream combines several actions: it removes make-up, cleans and removes pollution from the skin. Its ultra-sensorial light texture turns into a smooth cream when you apply it and massage it into your face. Easy to rinse off with water, it takes away every trace of make-up and pollution. It’s added advantage? It's suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The cleansing water

If you enjoy micellar water you will find the perfect make-up remover in Eau Efficace. It removes make-up from the face and eye area, cleans and tones the skin. Formulated with plant-based saponins with strong cleansing powers, this 3-in-1 make-up remover removes impurities and traces of pollution built up over the day which helps to preserve the skin's radiance. After application (made easier by the pump-bottle that only requires light pressure to soak a cotton pad), skin is cleansed, fresh and luminous.

The cream cleanser

If you prefer removing make-up with your fingertips discover Lyslait. This creamy make-up remover gently dissolves make-up and impurities. Enriched with White Lily extract, it produces an immediate feeling of comfort on the skin. Its delicate texture should be gently applied using circular movements and removed with a cotton pad.

The gentle make-up remover

For a make-up remover dedicated to the particularly delicate areas, Gentle Eye and Lip Make-up Remover effectively removes make-up from the delicate areas of the face – the eyes and lips. Its very gentle formula, has been dermatological tested and is particularly suitable for sensitive eyes and those that wear contact lenses. Based on a combination of extracts of Matricaria, Cornflower, Gardenia, and Orange blossom, it provides the skin with an immediate sensation of freshness and comfort.

The routine products