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Eyeliner Tutorial: How to Achieve the Perfect Line

Mastering eyeliner is a delicate art. To achieve the perfect line, you’ll need the right method. Discover how in our tutorial video.

First step: A Flawless Complexion

Every successful makeup look begins with a flawless complexion. On hydrated skin, use a brush to apply a liquid foundation. Brighten the under eye area with a touch of concealer. With its metal tip, Phyto-Cernes Éclat offers a cooling, stimulating effect. Using a brush, apply its active ingredient-enriched formula (it visually smooths wrinkles, lines and enhances the contour of the eye) to the under eye area, using your finger to blend in any excess. Apply a light powder to set the look. Finish with the eyebrows, adding definition with the help of a thin pencil.

Step-by-step application

Eyeliner can be a tricky thing to get right first time. Applying in small steps helps to achieve a symmetrical result. Begin with a thin line (or dashed lines) at the base of the upper eyelashes, gradually enlarging outward toward the eye’s outer corner, completing the look with a comma shape. Base the structure of your line on enhancing the natural shape of your eye. In case of a mistake, don’t panic – simply dip a cotton swab into your makeup remover and try again. To emphasize the look, finish off by applying a volumising mascara to your eyelashes. Your eyes are ready to captivate!

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