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Return from vacation: we’re extending summer

With sun-kissed skin that is still slightly salted and eyes that glow with summer’s sweet souvenirs, the time has come to return to reality and resume our old habits… But, have no fear, as taking a good care of yourself can make summer’s sweetness stay

Pamper your skin

You can’t stop thinking about your beautiful glowing skin, and how long your tan will last.

In order to prolong your tan, it is first necessary to exfoliate your skin. Contrary to popular belief, this best practice actually does not remove your tan. Conversely, it helps to sweep away dead skin cells that dull your complexion for a more radiant tan.

Proper hydration is the second essential step, since well moisturised skin better reflects light. Your glow will only get better from here!

Renew the skin you’re in

Set yourself up for success this autumn by bringing the right habits into the season. Start at the beginning of your day by combining exfoliation and the pleasure of the perfect shower thanks to theEnergizing Foaming Exfoliant for the Body .

Once you have completed this step, use a moisturizing after-sun care containing a light self-tanner to accentuate your tan and prolong that “just back from vacation” effect on your legs.

Refine your skin texture

For a more radiant complexion, choose a gentle exfoliator like the Buff and Wash Facial Gel or the Botanical Gentle Facial Buffing Cream. After this step, it is important to moisturize, soothe or nourish skin as needed.

Color your world

To keep complexion dullness at bay, don’t hesitate to play with new makeup colors. Dare to wear pink and orange lip shades that complement your skin tone. For example, Phyto-Lip Twist Peach, N°8 Candy or N°14 Love. For eyes, opt for more exotic colors that are reminiscent of summer, like Phyto-Eye Twist N°5 Lagoon and N°12 Emerald, which go perfectly with a golden glow…

Get sporty

The pleasure of swimming or playing volleyball doesn’t need to leave with summer. Substitute the sea with the pool, and the beach with the court, and bring the fun into the new season. Love relaxing under the sun? Treat yourself to a sweet escape at Maison Sisley!

Savour the summer

The sensation of the white sand on your skin, the sweet smell of roses, fresh bouquets of basil and jasmine… oh, the nostalgia! To preserve your summer souvenirs, try fresh and floral fragrances like Izia and Eau Tropicale, or something energizing and grassy like Eau de Campagne… let your senses transport you!

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