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Ambassador Portrait #2: Yumiko Hikage

Up close and personal with Hair Rituel by Sisley ambassador, Yumiko Hikage. An expert in hair beauty, she speaks to us about the Signature Regenerating Ritual she created drawing inspiration from shiatsu massage.

“To preserve the quality of the hair, one must also take care of the body and the scalp.”

HR : You are at the source of the Signature Regenerating Hair Ritual. Signature Regenerating Hair Ritual

YH :
Firstly, it is important to understand that the hair is connected to the scalp, but also to the body itself. When we are in good health, our hair is in good health. For example, we know that healthy eating yields stronger and more beautiful hair. So, in order to preserve the quality of your hair, you have to take care of both the body and of the scalp. Being content with applying a hair treatment every now and again is just not enough. It is important to take time to take care of your hair and everything that can affect it. The Signature Regenerating Hair Ritual lasts for 60 minutes, and is divided into three parts: the discovery of the ritual and a scalp massage on the shiatsu pressure points, the shampoo and hair mask ritual, and the stimulation of the scalp with the serum, accompanied by an invigorating massage.

HR : Why do you draw inspiration from shiatsu techniques?

YH :
When I was working in a Japanese hair salon, I learned Japanese “head spa” massage techniques based on shiatsu. In Japan, shiatsu massage is very mainstream, which is not the case in Europe. When I started practicing shiatsu on Europeans, they were surprised, at first it appeared slightly painful, but soon they ended up completely relaxing and enjoying the experience. For the Signature Regenerating Ritual, I combined both shiatsu and European massage techniques.

HR : When should somebody go for this treatment?

YH :
This treatment is adapted to all hair types, since there is a Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo and a Revitalizing Smoothing Shampoo. By integrating one or the other into the protocol, we obtain a satisfying result. I recommend this ritual to anyone under stress, both men and women, who are in need of rest and a little moment of escape for themselves. Throughout the protocol, we ask the individual to breathe in deeply through the nose and out through the mouth, almost as if they were meditating. It is a true break from reality.

HR : What do you like about the Hair Ritual brand?

YH :
Firstly, the result is immediately visible on the lengths of the hair, but also on the scalp, since the range truly targets both. Next, the non-greasy texture succeeds in bringing you all the nutrition you need. Finally, I really like its fragrance. It is soft, and I would say unisex. Personally, when I wash my hair, the fragrance lingers in my hair.”

”From the first application of the oil, I saw results. My hair was shiny and light, and not weighted down at all.”

HR : What is your favourite product?

YH :
The oil. Firstly, for its fragrance, but also because I saw results from the first application. My hair was shiny and light, and not weighted down at all. It really is my favourite Hair Ritual product.

HR : Tell us about yourself a little…

YH :
I studied English literature and cinema at the University of Tokyo. I was already interested in hairdressing at this time, so I began assisting a hair and makeup artist while I was still a student. I transitioned from the salon to photo shoots. I moved to Paris in 2011, and today work on photo and film shoots in fashion and beauty.

HR : What do you love most about your job?

YH :
I love working with images. Sometimes, a hairdresser or a hairstyle can tell an entire story in one simple photo.

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