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Decor: 3 Tips for Warming Up Your Home!

The winter season has arrived and the days have become shorter. We all want one thing: to keep warm in the cosy indoors.

As the festive season approaches, we yearn for soft light, warmth and comforting scents. Discover 3 tips that will instantly make your home feel warmer.

Comforting accessories

For moments spent on the sofa with a steaming cup of tea between your hands, or for guests who have curled up in a blanket following a home-cooked meal. Choose fine materials and artisanal crafts, which are a lot softer and cosier than synthetic fabrics.

Create a glow

To create a warm atmosphere in a room, go for soft lighting. Light small candles; scattering them throughout your house or flat. You can also rely on scented candles : their delicate flames softly light each room while creating a discrete perfume.

Adopt Warm Colours

If blue and white are soothing in summer months, the eye is equally in need of warm tones throughout the winter. Try changing your grey cushion covers to garnet red ones, and replace dark drapes with powdery ones. Warm colours can also work towards making your dining table more inviting: why not swap your white plates for table settings in pink sandstone?

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