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The art of applying perfume

After choosing a perfume, the next step is knowing how best to apply it to enhance the fragrance. Learn the subtleties of perfume application here...

P erfume. It's part of our daily routine and stays with us throughout the day - sometimes even for a lifetime. Some of us have been loyal wearers of the same fragrance for years, whereas others prefer to switch it up a little; either way, perfumes and eau de toilette are very often a reflection of our personality or mood. Discover top tips on how to apply it to get the most out of your perfume.

Where to apply it...

Spray your fragrance in certain specific areas to release its essences and enhance your scent.
The most effective way to wear perfume is on the skin, especially in places where you can feel your pulse. Perfume works best in areas which release the most heat, so opt for the neck, nape, behind the ears, décolleté, wrists, or even ankles. Applying perfume to joints such as knees or ankles releases the scent every time you move. You can also perfume your hairbrush or apply directly to your hair.
Some prefer to do this by spraying a cloud of fragrance and walking into it, allowing it to gently settle on them.

A perfumed wardrobe...

When traveling, pop a tissue sprayed with fragrance in your suitcase. This will delicately perfume your clothes.

Make it last longer...

To amplify the scent and make it last longer, carry a miniature of your perfume with you to reapply during the day.
Products from the same perfume range are based on the same notes as your perfume and combines a pleasant scent with all the advantages of a skin care product. They intensify and prolong the perfume's sillage and avoid mixing more than one scent. Enhance the sensory experience with scented skin care products which echo your perfume.
Discover the world of Sisley fragrances.

The art of applying perfume lies in its subtlety. Adapt the number of sprays to suit the concentration of your perfume. Go for 2 or 3 light sprays of an eau de parfum, a little more for an eau de toilette and be even more generous with an eau fraîche or eau de Cologne.

The products used

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