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Office beauty

Make-up touch ups or moments of well-being... Enhance your work day.

Boost your work morale

Light legs

Before you start your day, take a few seconds to apply White Ginger Contouring Oil on your legs. Your day will feel lighter.

Well-being break

Take care of your hands! To moisturise, nourish and protect them, apply Confort Extrême Nutritive Hand Care ! With its ultra-soft texture and fresh fragrance, this care product is ideal to offer a short moment of well-being at your desk.

The radiance boost

After lunch, add radiance to your complexion by applying Phyto-Blush Twist. Fun and practical, it is easily applied with or without a mirror!


Prepare for your meeting by applying Phyto-Lip Twist.To boost your smile, opt for the N°13 Poppy shade. For an ultra-natural result, choose the N°1 Nude or N°16 Balm shade.

Instant freshness

The Floral Spray Mist instantly soothes, relaxes and refreshes. Ultra-fine and delicate, this mist feels like a delicate veil on the face.

Instant escape

Escape with spring perfumes such as Izia or Eau Tropicale at the end of the day. Their fresh and floral notes are ideal for the way home or to meet friends!


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