Stéphane Bodin, creator of movement

Stéphane Bodin, Hair Rituel by Sisley hairstylist since 2022, puts movement at the heart of his creations – probably because movement was already part of his day-to-day existence in another life. Learn about his career, his favourite products and his expert tips.

Hair expert Stéphane Bodin

From dancing to working backstage in fashion

Stéphane Bodin has always loved movement. As a professional dancer working abroad, then at the Opéra-Comique and Le Lido, he has an appetite for travel and a nomadic way of life. In 2003, he changed direction, moving from dance studios to fashion photography studios and reconnecting with his childhood passion for hair. What he particularly loves is that no two days are ever the same, the people, and the variety of places: film sets, backstage at big events, fashion weeks, etc. But the best part of it all is the creative side. “What excites me about hair styling is that I’m always doing something different. Transforming hair, playing with textures, and creating volume and looks,” says Stéphane Bodin.

Hair Rituel model hair styling Hair Rituel model hair styling

Prestigious collaborations

His talent and penchant for fashion soon earned him a spot at women’s magazines. He has worked with Harper’s Bazaar and L’Officiel and is involved in major film industry events. Since being spotted at the César Awards ceremony in 2003, he has travelled to countless festivals (Cannes, Deauville, Venice Film Festival) to style actresses’ hair, becoming the trusted stylist of Bérénice Bejo, Marina Hands, Noémie Merlant, and Alice Taglioni. Since then, he has met Poppy Delevingne, Kat Graham, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Katie Holmes, who call on him every time they are in Paris.

His work has led to many precious memories. “I can picture the excitement and nerves in the eyes of Bérénice Bejo, the year when she was mistress of ceremonies at the Cannes Film Festival, a few minutes before they went live. I was there to reassure her, boost her confidence and try to take her mind off of things,” says Stéphane Bodin. “I relived that moment right before going on stage, years before, when I was a dancer hidden in the wings, listening to the distinctive hum of the audience that fills the auditorium before the curtain rises.”

Stéphane Bodin styling a hair model

When two worlds meet

Stéphane Bodin and Hair Rituel by Sisley are an obvious match: “I’ve known about Hair Rituel by Sisley since its launch. I used its products even before working with the brand. I love the Hair Rituel by Sisley concept and the family element. Not to mention the French-designed products and their exceptional quality, which is particularly due to the time allowed for research to achieve the optimal formula.” Because knowledge of the scalp, which has a similar structure to the skin, is at the heart of the Hair Rituel by Sisley concept: Sisley’s expertise, gained over the last four decades, enables it to develop products that target the scalp to have an impact on hair beauty from the roots down.

His hair essentials

Stéphane Bodin’s essential Hair Rituel products

Stéphane Bodin’s favourite products? Volumising Spray, Invisible Hair Spray and The Cream 230. “I use Invisible Hair Spray as a finishing touch to boost shine, texturise the hair and set a style without leaving it stiff. I love that it has a haircare action. And of course, the unique and understated Hair Rituel by Sisley signature fragrance. It’s nothing like traditional hairspray scents, which are often overpowering,” says Stéphane Bodin.

Stéphane Bodin styling a hair model in a backstage setting. Stéphane Bodin styling a hair model in a backstage setting.

5 hair beauty tips

Limit use of heat styling

Use high-quality brushes

Try to use gentle hair ties

Never tie up wet hair

Brush your hair morning and evening