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The application of eye makeup allows for great creativity and a variety of application techniques.  Eye makeup can range from the most natural to the most sophisticated, according to the occasion and your mood.  The eyelids and eye contour are a delicate and sensitive area that need specific attention and require that you choose appropriate makeup products.

The eye contour

The eye contour is the first area of the face to show signs of aging.  Whatever your desired look, always take care to lighten the upper and lower eyelids prior to makeup application with (using a lighter shade than your skin tone). Apply it after your foundation and before you apply your powder. This product goes beyond just instantly camouflaging dark circles and under-eye puffiness, it fights against the causes of these conditions with its skincare formula that contains hydrating, soothing, and anti-free radical active ingredients.  Its tube features a high-tech metal tip for a cold, decongesting action on the eye contour. 


Using an eyeliner allows you to highlight the look of your eyes, make them look larger or define them.

To highlight and intensify your eyes, choose an eyeliner with an even, matte finish such as Phyto-Khol Perfect .

To add a sparkly and festive touch to your makeup, choose Phyto-Khol Star , a glittery eyeliner that leaves eyes looking beautiful with a metallic shimmer.

Remember to sharpen your eyeliner prior to use.  Holding onto your eyelid, trace a line on the rim of the upper eyelid, going from the outer corner of the eye to the center of the eye.  Gently taper the line toward the exterior of the eye by making an upward motion.  Do the same on the lower eyelid. 

If you have difficulty drawing your line, draw it first in small dots or lines, then connect them. 

Eye shadow

There are golden rules for choosing an eye shadow.  Lighter eye shadows enlarge and brighten the eyes, while darker eye shadows make eyes looks smaller and deeper.  You should coordinate the color of your eye shadows with the color of your eyes.  For a harmonious makeup application, the shade of the eye shadow should either correspond to the color of your iris or be a complementary color.  The contrast between the color of your iris and the eye shadow (or the contrast in the shades of these two colors) allows you to highlight your eyes.

For blue eyes, the complementary color is orange.  To highlight blue eyes, use brown, golden, apricot, or pink shadows. 

For green eyes, the complementary color is red.  Use plum and pink colored shadows.

For brown and black eyes, dark shades are best; opt for coppers, bronzes, and silvery grays.  Metallic shades allow you to create a nice contrast to dark eyes with their illuminating effect.

Sisley’s is an impressive line of 20 single shades, so you can easily find the perfect eye shadow for the look you’re going for.

Depending on your desired look, you may opt for matte shades (like Snow, Linen, Velvet, or Ebony), satiny shades (like Vanilla, Sorbet, Sky blue, Toffee, or Black), iridescent shades (like Dune or Graphite), metallic shades (like Garden Rose, Jungle, Quartz, Stardust, Mango, Ultra Violet, Burgundy, or Midnight Blue) or glittery shades like Black Diamond.

Choose a single shade for a natural looking makeup effect, two shades for a gradual effect, or even more shades for a more sophisticated makeup look. 

Using your finger, the applicator provided, or the flat side of the blending brush, pick up a light colored eye shadow.  Hold your eyelid with one hand and use the other to apply the eye shadow in a tapping motion in the center of the top lid in order (where you want the most color).  Then gradually apply the product over the entire top lid, tapering off toward the outer corner of the eye (toward the edge of the eyelashes).  Next, if you are going for a light/dark look, use a darker shade of eye shadow and apply it in small strokes from the rim of the eyelid upward, with the pointed end of the blending brush. Start from the center of the eyelid, and taper off lightly toward the outer corner of the eye.



Mascara is a makeup product that is expected to be technologically advanced.  We expect it to lengthen, volumize, separate, curl, and color lashes—all while respecting the delicate nature of the eyes.  A mascara’s effectiveness rests on its formula, texture, design of the brush and the bottle. 

Sisley’s new is a comprehensive mascara enriched with vitamin-rich peptides.  Its skincare formula reinforces lashes while making them instantly longer and more voluminous in intense colors.  

An advanced technology comb-brush has been specifically designed for the application of this mascara.  Begin by applying the mascara to the tips of the upper lashes, then comb lashes from root to tip so that each lash is coated.  You may apply one or two additional layers, depending on the intensity you desire.  The mascara is easy to use and does not overload your lashes or clump.

To make your eyes look larger, use light strokes to brush the eyelashes toward the outer corner of the eye while moving outward.

To accentuate the curl of your lashes, close your eye half way and hold the brush on the eyelashes for a few seconds, with each pass of the brush.   

. To curl lashes and make them extra-long without overloading them with mascara, opt for .

To remove your mascara, apply a cotton pad soaked in the Gentle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover to the eyelid for a few moments in order to remove the mascara.