The art of beauty


Throughout the year, Sisley shines a spotlight on great talent in the world of beauty. Discover exclusive content as the months go by: tutorials, product application secrets, expert advice, and more.

Seasoned globetrotter Robin Black never travels without her Sisley beauty essentials: moisturizing, protective products to keep her skin in top-notch condition when flying and a travel makeup kit so she can land looking fabulous.

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Discover makeup tutorials and tips by Robin Black for Artist in Residence.

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Looking for inspiration for your next signature look? Look no further than the latest makeup trends.

Smoky Siren Eyes

Bewitching eyes in three steps.

Nineties Nude Lip

A nude lip inspired by iconic looks from the 1990s.

Silky Sapphire Eyes

Party makeup that mixes different shades of blue.

Cherry Lacquer Lip

Lips with a syrup-like shine for evening.

French Contour

French contouring.

Opposites attract

A hint of violet for a touch of extravagance.

The makeup artist reveals all her tips for achieving a natural, luminous "healthy glow" everyday makeup look.


The makeup artists participating in the Artist in Residence program share their exclusive beauty secrets and professional tips with Sisley.

How to prepare your skin?

Professional advice: prep your skin before applying makeup.

Seasonal make up

Makeup featuring spring colours.

Get unready with me

Guide to flawless makeup removal.