When your face is your canvas, give it as much care and love it needs. Celebrity make-up artist Jo Baker shares the accessible daily skincare routine she swears by for a happy skin and a happy life.

Discover the most common questions Jo Baker gets from celebrity clients about her skincare techniques.

One of the most common skincare topics I am asked about, which everyone can relate to, is the never-ending stress to our skin and the reactions it can create. We are all working so hard these days, and the pressure is on! For a lot of people, it comes out in their skin. Redness, dullness, blotchiness, breakouts, and puffiness which can all be attributed to a lack of hydration. My advice is to rest, enjoy good nutrition and generally take good care of ourselves. I talk to my clients about this health/skin connection and share with them my skincare routine.

I tend to keep my skincare routine pretty “routine”. I believe these products work their best with frequent and consistent use and that’s when I have seen the most obvious results. But from time to time my skin shows me it needs different attention.

When I have been in the sun, I like to add something as after-care. I’ll usually opt for a simple comforting product like Sisley’s Moisturizer with Cucumber.

I am completely obsessed with the new Sisleÿa L'Integral Anti-Age Radiance Anti-Dark Spot Serum, I’ve used the Sisleya L'Intégral Anti-Age for years, but I was thrilled with the new Radiance Anti-Dark Spot Serum because it continues to support the results in a featherlight serum.

My skin is loving it morning and night, and the hydration is honestly a dream for my skin. Whether I’m wearing makeup, staying home, or going to bed - this has become my favorite skincare product to use, and I feel like this will be a fast favorite in the industry and with my clients.

Self-care goes beyond the products you are putting in your bath, or what body lotion you are using, it’s the mental, emotional, and physical break you are giving yourself. I have never been more conscious and eager to develop better skills to help me handle the work/life balance so I can find time to enjoy, laugh, and share moments with the people I love.