Phyto-Lip Balm 2 Pink Glow

A sheer pink lip balm with a satin finish. When applied, Pink Glow adapts to the pH of your lips revealing your perfect custom pink shade. Phyto-Lip Balm also available in 2 other shades: 1 Cloud & 3 Crush.

Floral Toning Lotion Floral Toning Lotion


A daily toner for dry, sensitive skin.

Verified reviews: 4.9 stars out of 5

(292) 292 review(s)


Nutritive Lip Balm Nutritive Lip Balm


Hydrating and Protective Lip Balm.

Verified reviews: 4.74 stars out of 5

(125) 125 review(s)


Volumizing Spray Volumizing Spray

Hair care for a more voluminous look

Verified reviews: 4.55 stars out of 5

(150) 150 review(s)


Exfoliating Enzyme Mask Exfoliating Enzyme Mask


Radiance Revealing Exfoliating Enzyme Mask in 1 minute.

Verified reviews: 4.8 stars out of 5

(265) 265 review(s)


Restructuring Conditioner Restructuring Conditioner

A hair care conditioner to support the look and feel of smoother hair

Verified reviews: 4.74 stars out of 5

(168) 168 review(s)


Phyto-Lip Balm Phyto-Lip Balm

3 shades

Hydrating and plumping lip balm

Verified reviews: 5 stars out of 5

(1) 1 review(s)


Ginkgo Gua Sha Ginkgo Gua Sha


The ultimate massage tool to complete your anti-aging ritual.

Verified reviews: 4.85 stars out of 5

(33) 33 review(s)


Phyto-Rouge Shine Phyto-Rouge Shine

15 shades CULT-CLASSIC

Hydrating shine lipstick

Verified reviews: 4.79 stars out of 5

(240) 240 review(s)