Le Sculpteur

Sisley has developed an innovative approach to refine your silhouette, ''reshaping'' the looks of your contours.

At the Heart of Sisley Innovation and Performance: An Innovative Approach to Contouring

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A body care product with patented innovation* as a result of 7 years of research and a partnership between Sisley Laboratories and the University of Paris. More than a traditional sculpting product, Le Sculpteur "reshapes" the look of the contours of the body.

*patent pending

An Expert Massage Technique

To complement Le Sculpteur, Sisley has developed a quick and effective two-stage massage technique specially adapted to its melting gel-in-oil texture. With each application, thighs appear reshaped and contours better defined.


Worth £225

Respect for Chronobiology With a Dual Action Massage Technique

Two complementary and expert contouring actions that adapt to the body's biorhythms.

By Day:

The combination of Pink Berry oil, Caffeine, Cedrol, and White Ginger extract, helps to shape and refine the look of the thighs. Skin feels firmer.

By Night:

With Mandarin extract, Andiroba oil and Exopolysaccharide from Plankton, the appearance of cellulite looks gradually minimised with each application. Skin appears smoother.

The Result:

 A double-action emulsion that works day and night to help "reshape" the look of the contours of the body and enhances your skin.

Complete your routine

Le Sculpteur

Sculpt Your Silhouette

When to apply:

Apply morning and evening for effective sculpting action. 

Where to apply:

Apply the product to areas of your body that you are concerned with: Legs, thighs, buttocks, stomach, hips and arms. Massage until fully absorbed into your skin.

Stimulate the Skin Before Applying the Product

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Tone by pinching the areas of concern with the tips of the fingers.

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Massage in strong, dynamic upward presses and deep clockwise circular motions to sculpt your body as you choose and in accordance to your needs.

Sculpt the Appearance of the Silhouette

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On the legs, buttocks, and hips: Apply intense, energetic pressure with both hands, moving upward towards the groin.

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On the stomach and waist: Use deep circular clockwise movements with the fingertips, one hand over the other, in a 5-10 cm radius around the navel.

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On the upper arms: Apply intense, energetic pressure with one hand moving upward towards the armpit.