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Even with Autumn well on its way, don’t give up on a luminous look. Provide your skin and hair with radiance, and shine right through the month of October.

Sisleÿa Essential
Skin Care Lotion

The Benefits

Sisleÿa Essential Skin Care Lotion contains essential active ingredients (Marshmallow extract, Padina pavonica, Phytosqualane and Ginkgo biloba) for moisturising and nourishing the skin and make it more receptive to subsequent skin care treatments. Its formula also integrates renowned anti-ageing ingredients that boost the skin’s youth and radiance.

The Right Routine

Morning and night, apply to a clean face and neck. Apply the product with your fingertips, massaging it gently into the skin until it has been completely absorbed and then continue with your usual skin care routine. It can also be applied with a cotton pad.

Sisleÿa l'Intégral

The Benefits

A truly complete anti-ageing treatment, Sisleÿa l'Intégral Anti-Age is inspired by a Nobel-prize winning major scientific discovery, and acts on the visible signs associated with the three dimensions of skin ageing: genetic, environmental and behavioural. Within its first few uses, skin is long-lastingly plumped and moisturised, and the signs of fatigue are blurred. Over the course of its continued use, fine lines are visibly reduced, and the face rediscovers the firmness, density and radiance of younger skin. Profoundly restructured, it is as if your skin has been regenerated from within.

The Right Routine

Apply Sisley L’Intégral Anti-Age each morning and night onto the face and neck.

Revitalizing Straightening Shampoo

The Benefits

Unmanageable volume, untameable frizz, unpredictable flyaways... do your locks just seem to have a mind of their own? Hair that lacks in smoothness is yearning for some TLC. With Revitalizing Straightening Shampoo, Hair Rituel by Sisley offers your hair a solution as soft as it is performant: a sulfate-free shampoo that manages and tames the hair. It combines two major actions to preserve the beauty of rebellious hair: one on the scalp that brings vitality, and one on the capillary fibre that smoothes and nourishes.

The Right Routine

Apply a small amount to wet hair and add a little bit of water to make the product foam. Massage into the scalp and lengths of the hair, and then rinse thoroughly.

Sisleÿa Le Teint
3R Peach

The Benefits

Makeup and skin care in one, Sisleÿa Le Teint is a complete anti-age liquid foundation. Its high performance formula ensures a youthful and long-lasting make-up effect, while its numerous anti-age active ingredients, generated from the latest Sisley research, serve your skin on both a short and long-term basis. From its first use, skin is more luminous and even, while signs of fatigue are blurred. In 4 weeks, your face rediscovers the aspect of smoothness and the firmness of younger skin.

The Right Routine

With the tips of your fingers, apply and spread the product onto the entire face and down onto the neck. Smooth the foundation with circular motions, going from the middle toward the exterior of the face, and from top to bottom to smooth any lines.

Soir d’Orient

The Inspiration

The magical soul of an oriental palace at nightfall; that precise moment when anything can happen… The fragrant trail of Turkish Rose combined with woody notes hangs mysteriously in the alleys of Alcazar, submerged in the cloak of twilight.

The Notes

This liberated variation of Eau du Soir revels under a new facet, its fragrance conjuring a veil of mystery that exudes spectacular femininity. Its composition overflows with sensuality and enigma. With sparkling, enchanting top notes, it seduces the senses with its spiced floral heart and the heat of a delicately woody trail.

*The contents of each month’s selection are subject to availability.

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    Miss G. M.

    15 March 2018

    I love every thing from Sisley, Excellent products.

    Miss L. C.

    13 May 2017

    I'm looking forward to this month's selection so much, particularly the chance to try White Ginger Contouring Leg Oil before i buy.
    I'm already a huge fan of Eau de Sisley No 2 - it's my absolute go to fragrance for summer day wear.
    I wish Sisley would put a sample of No 1 & No 3 in too...


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