Client List

Jennifer Yepez

Restructuring Nourishing Hair Balm

This hair treatment is one I can’t live without. This mask hydrates my hair and also reconstructs the fiber, leaving you with less breakage and split ends. My hair is nourished, revitalized and soft.

Radiance Brush

This brush is my go-to for myself and my clients. It detangles the hair without breaking and pulling it. It is super gentle on any tangles and stimulates the scalp. My hair is always shiny and soft after I use it. 

Black Rose Cream Mask

This mask is amazing. It is super gentle on the skin and also has anti-aging benefits. This mask is so hydrating and leaves my skin feeling soft, energized and plump upon use. 

Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid

This eye cream has saved me on so many days where I have woken up looking tired with puffiness in my under eye area. The cold ceramic applicator feels amazing under the eye and massages this area to help eliminate puffiness. After I use the eye cream, my eyes are luminous and awake. 

Velvet Nourishing Body Cream

I have very dry skin and eczema, so this body cream moisturizes my skin immediately. I love how it smells! It is extremely gentle on the skin and my body is glowing and soft after just one use.

Velvet Sleeping Mask

What I love about this mask is that you can apply it at night on your face, neck, and hands and it protects the skin from both the heat and cold air. The next morning, I wake up with skin that is hydrated, nourished and soft.