About Kylee Heath

With her laid back Northern California aesthetic, Kylee Heath is a master at creating hairstyles that exude a modern and effortless glamour. From an early age, Kylee had a passion for hairstyling, which led her to the Paul Mitchell School to hone her skills. Her talent was quickly recognized as she was selected as the on stage assistant instructor for Paul Mitchell Events. By working for some of the most renowned stylists in the industry, she developed her signature techniques that provide her clients with styles that flatter their face shape while also highlighting their personal style. 

Her client roster includes a bevy of Hollywood A- listers such as Nicole Kidman, Carey Mulligan, Daisy Edgar Jones, Laura Dern and Awkwafina who entrust their tresses in her capable hands. Here, Kylee shares her favorite tools of the trade and shows us how to rock the three chicest Instagram worthy styles that you can create at home with some easy-to-follow steps.

How to Achieve It

Prep & Blow Dry

First apply The Cream 230 and blow dry the hair smooth. *If you want it extra “spiky”, you can also flat iron the ends of your hair.*


Section the front of your hair (from ears to hairline) and pump a healthy amount of the Precious Hair Care Oil into your hands. Then rub them together and pull the back section of your hair up into a high ponytail. 

Pull Hair Back

Leave what pieces you want to stay down in the front (or if you want it all slicked back, don't leave anything down) and pull the front section back to join the ponytail. 


Tie the ponytail into a knot and slide some pins in to secure it. If you have short hair, one knot should be enough. If you have longer hair, the loose ends will be long, so you will want to tie the hair into another knot or two, leaving about 1-2 inches of your ends out for some detail. Pin those knots in place.

Kylee’s Insider Tip: Wherever your fingers are holding the bun/ knots, that’s where you will need to slide in a pin or 2! 

Add Shine

To finish the look, add a little more of the Precious Hair Care Oil to the ends of the hair and sides for additional shine. 


How to Achieve It


Tease the hair at the crown and then lightly comb the hair back to smooth out just the top layer over where it has been teased.



Start by sectioning away the front (from the ear to the hairline). Then, tease the back of the hair starting at the bottom hairline and working your way up.


Kylee’s Insider Tip: It is key to add volume and to leave some strands out in the front.


Pull Hair Back

Next, pull the back up towards the top of the head while twisting it slightly and then take long bobby pins and slide them in to hold the hair in place. *If your hair is really long, you will want to tie the loose ends into a knot and pin that into place. This hairstyle looks pretty when some loose ends are left out and tousled.


Pull Out Loose Strands

Then, piece out the bits you want to leave out and down and start to pull the front back to meet the back “bun.” Pull the bits back in 1-inch sections at a time.


Mess It Up

Once the hair that you want up is all back and pinned using your fingers, break it up a bit. Pull some sections to be looser.


Kylee’s Insider Tip: For a finished look, add more Volumizing Spray.


How to Achieve It


First prep your hair the way you wear it down - it can be embracing your natural texture or heat styled.



Next, decide where you want the placement of your braids to be. Then, use the Radiance Paddle Brush to brush out the section you want to braid and apply a little Precious Hair Care Oil to that section for a nice shiny braid.



As you braid the section, you should start to see the ends of your hair begin to braid themselves at the same time.


Kylee’s Insider Tip: Usually we detangle the ends while we braid the hair - but for these you don’t have to!

Secure Braids

Once your braid meets the ends that are getting entangled, simply loop the bottom section through the open “hole” and allow the braid to seal itself without using any elastics.


Repeat Braiding Technique

Feel free to repeat these steps 3-5 times around the head. *Braids can all vary in size too!

Add Texture & Volume

Finish this look by spraying the Volumizing Spray for added texture.