Eau de Sisley 1,
a floral and joyful fragrance
Open, sun-drenched fragrance, like a swirling summer dress. Eau de Sisley 1 is like a veil on the skin, between the zesty freshness of citrus fruits and the elegance of a chypre accord.
A sun dress, which has all the mysteries of a summer garden...
A citrus chypre
with floral nuances
Eau de Sisley n1 100 ml

The Eau de Sisley 1 range

A citrus, floral and musky composition

Floral and cheerful. A bright and feminine composition.

Size: 100 ml

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Sculptural simplicity
Each one of the Eaux de Sisley is dressed in a bottle of great purity, with simple lines, capped with an abstract and transparent cover, conducive to the imagination, signed by Bronislaw Krzysztof.
A fresh and elegant wake
A fragrance that smells of citrus. Leaves, skin - those of the mandarin and grapefruit. An invigorating breeze, carried by the radiance of the pink berries, softened with a tea accord and a few floral touches. In the shadows hides a chypre chord dominated by patchouli, a sensual and mysterious wood. A refreshing trail of elegance.