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Double Tenseur


    A moisturizing and ultra-sensorial fresh gel with a "second skin" lifting and priming effect for both immediate and in the long term results. - An immediate lifting and smoothing effect on the skin's surface: Oat seed extract creates a continuous, stretchy and flexible 3D mesh on the skin's surface which, as it retracts, smoothes the skin, giving an immediate lifting sensation. At the same time, the combination of Rhatany and Lemon extracts tones and smoothes skin texture. - An in-depth strengthening of the skin's firming capacity: day after day, the powerful combination of plant-based ingredients, Tiger Nut and Cottonseed extracts, strengthens the dermal structure*. The face instantly looks firmed, features appear lifted and signs of fatigue are faded. After 4 weeks, the skin is more visibly toned, feels denser to the touch, as if plumped up. * In vitro test on the active ingredients


    The face is instantly firmed; features appear lifted. The lifting effect lasts all day. Signs of fatigue are instantly faded. After 4 weeks, the skin is more toned, it feels denser to the touch, as if plumped up.

    Usage tips

    Can be applied over daily skin care, but also: - as a base for make-up to help foundation last longer - as a touch up over make-up throughout the day - in the evening for an instant beauty boost

    Key ingredients

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