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Sisleÿa l’Intégral Anti-Age: Complete anti-aging skin care

Learn more about Sisleÿa l’Intégral Anti-Age - a truly complete anti-aging product that acts on the visible signs associated with the 3 dimensions of aging: genetic, environmental, and behavioral.

"Ever since day one, Sisleÿa has been revolutionizing the world of beauty by being the first global anti-age product on the market" . Jose Ginestar, Research Director at Sisley Paris. Now, 17 years after Sisleÿa first came out, a new chapter begins with Sisleya l'Integral Anti-Age, the next generation of anti-aging. It's new formula is inspired by a new discovery Nobel Prized winning discovery linked to behavioral aging.

When life starts to take it's toll on your skin...

Something translated by Jose Ginestar as "stress, sleep deprivation, life's hurdles, poor diet, smoking and alcohol abuse.... All of these elements impact the "cell cycle" and have a direct impact on the aging of the skin. With Sisleÿa L'Integral Anti-Age, the goal was to find an an even more comprehensive solution to treating the signs of aging, taking into account the added behavioral dimension.".

Creating an ideal "Ecosystem"...

Among the many key ingredients present in Sisleÿa L'Integral Anti-Age, three major new active ingredients now optimise the functioning of this lifecycle to protect the skin from the visible signs of behavioral aging.

1. CELLULAR RHYTHM: Lindera Extact helps to resynchonise the skin's biorythms
2. CELLULAR ENERGY: Persian Acacia extract promotes optimal energy production at the level of the cells to protect against and repair skin damage cause by cellular fatigue.
3. CELLULAR LONGEVITY: Yeast and Soy Protein Complex helps protect the protective extremity of each chromosome, the length of which correlates with cellular life expectancy. It also helps to maintain the integrity of cellular DNA against behavioral stress for optimised cellular longevity.

The results are spectacular on wrinkles, firmness, radiance, density and hydration to preserve the skin's beauty. Get ready to enter into the third dimension of anti-aging...

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    2922 M. P.

    6 June 2018

    Best products I have ever used!! Within days I have seen a huge difference in my skin both body and face. My family says I look ten years younger. This product is beyond amazing along with the entire regiment by sisley. Thank you to the ladies at Portland Oregon Nordstrom (Lara) for the samples. They have been patient kind professional and informative. Love so many of the Sisley products!! The results truly are spectacular...

    2923 M. S.

    10 April 2018

    Is it enough alone to treat tired face ?