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Behind the Scenes: Black Rose Collection

Unless you are already among the hundreds of thousands of women who wake up and go to sleep each day with Sisley’s Black Rose collection, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Maybe you learned your favorite celebrity swears by it? Perhaps you saw its award-winning status in InStyle’s “Best Beauty Buys” and Allure’s “Best of Beauty”; or was it the awards earned in Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire or Glamour? The list goes on, but the question remains:

What is it about the Black Rose products that created a cult-like following
and made them global best-sellers?

An Abundance of Energy

The collection’s youth-enhancing complex includes star ingredients such as Padina pavonica, Alkekengi calyx Extract and (of course) Black Rose Extracts, to minimize signs of fatigue with an instantly visible energy boost. Each Black Rose formula also provides hydration and vital nutrients in addition to this famous revitalizing effect, allowing the complexion to better to retain its improved appearance.

A Rose by Any Other Name…

…would not be as powerful as the Black Baccara, the specific hybrid rose cultivated for the Black Rose collection. Not quite black, it is celebrated for its rich, deep garnet color and was sought out by Sisley’s researchers for its unique softening benefits and sublime scent. The rose is harvested as soon as it begins to bloom to prevent the sun’s UV rays from damaging its key ingredients.

The Mirror Check

We could talk about ingredients all day, but if a product doesn’t pass the ‘mirror check’ and produce real results, there is nothing left to say. Luckily, the loyal fans of Black Rose products have described their reflection as visibly brighter and more luminous. Their mirrors are proving that fine lines look minimized and the complexion takes on a smoother, more plumped appearance.

That “Ahhh” Moment

In addition to their impressive results, the Black Rose collection also features the most delectable textures and delicate scent that create an aroma therapeutic, spa-like experience with every application. Essential oils of Rose, Magnolia, and Geranium envelope your spirit with a refreshing and soothing sensation. With Black Rose products, your skincare routine becomes a true moment of daily escape.

How to Pick the Right Rose

Black Rose Cream Mask (the product that started the Black Rose love affair) is universally ideal for anyone with skin that could use a quick boost of radiance and smoothness. In just 10 to 15 minutes the no-rinse mask leaves the complexion appearing plumped and softened.

After applying the mask, Black Rose Precious Face Oil is the right anti-aging formula for dry or mature skin. A few drops of this silky, dry oil in the morning and evening creates moisturized and nourished skin, as wrinkles and fine lines are visibly diminished.

For a complexion in need of even more hydration, Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream can be layered over the oil. Its water-in-oil emulsion changes into micro water droplets on contact with the skin to deeply hydrate, producing a re-plumped and refreshed appearance.

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