Eau de Campagne
or nature, beautified
An avant-garde unisex eau de toilette, Eau de Campagne was born in 1976, the year of Sisley's founding. It has its roots in the d'Ornano's family estate in Berry. A unique haven of peace where nature-loving Hubert d'Ornano loved to recharge his batteries.

It is in the heart of these forests, meadows and vegetable gardens that the first notes of Eau de Campagne resounded. Those of the characteristic scent of tomato leaves that he crumpled under foot.
One can only create beauty when surrounded by it on a daily basis
—Hubert d’Ornano
A breath
green and stimulating
Eau de Campagne 50 ml

The Eau de Campagne range

An interplay of chypre, citrus and grassy aromas

Mixed perfume - chypre, citrus and grassy aromas

AED 420.00

The Eau de Campagne universe
Eau de Campagne is the dream of an elegant, audacious wake, to be worn at any time, in city or country, in summer or winter. A fragrance as fresh as a breath of fresh air, an everyday art of living, for both men and women.
Perfect harmony
A sparkling flight where basil vibrates alongside wild herbs and lemon. An invigorating freshness, underlined by the green nuances of the tomato leaf, the fragrance's star ingredient. An original twist finished with a bouquet of lily-of-the-valley, jasmine and geranium, and rounded off with a touch of plum. A bucolic wake, dressed in the timeless chic of a chypre base and in the softness of musks.