Essential scalp care for beautiful hair

A healthy scalp is essential for the vitality and beauty of the hair fibre. As a continuity of the facial skin, it must be treated in the same way as the rest of the epidermis. Discover the best habits to adopt with the advice of Belle Cannan, ambassador of Hair Rituel by Sisley.

"Because beautiful hair depends on a healthy scalp, it's important to give it the same attention as the skin on your face."

Belle Cannan, London-based hairstylist* and Hair Rituel by Sisley ambassador, has been practising for 35 years. She co-founded the Sloane salon in London, set in the heart of the fashionable Chelsea district.

The importance of a healthy scalp

The expert is categorical: "it is impossible to obtain the hair you dream of without paying some attention to the scalp, whose functioning can be altered by various factors such as the environment, pollution, colouring, frequent brushing, genetics, lifestyle, etc... ".

Anti-ageing: the hair care treatment to adopt

Just like the skin on your face and body, the scalp is subject to skin ageing. Over time, hair becomes thinner, more porous, more dehydrated, duller. In short, how your hair looks depends essentially on the condition of your scalp. How can you revive it? "First, by exfoliating the scalp to make it more receptive to subsequent treatments" recommends Belle Cannan.

Because beautiful hair begins at the root, the use of a concentrated care treatment dedicated to the scalp is essential. The Fortifying Revitalising Serum is particularly beneficial in slowing down hair loss, the appearance of grey hair and restoring strength, shine and vitality to your hair. "Magic in a bottle, with incredible results," according to Belle Cannan. "Its light, non-greasy formula penetrates the scalp instantly, strengthens the hair and preserves its natural colour."

Belle Cannan's vitality and anti-ageing routine

Belle Cannan's tips for protecting your scalp:

Dry your hair with gentle heat.

Use the Hair Rituel by Sisley Shine and Softness Brush to gently detangle hair.

The Link Between Scalp & Skin

Belle Cannan's tips for caring for your scalp and making your hair look great.