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How to make your hair stronger and more resilient

Finding a few hairs on your brush or pillow is normal. But when hair loss goes on for longer, it can become worrying. Genetics, hormonal changes, and using heat styling tools or unsuitable products may damage hair, thin the hair fibre or give the impression of sparser hair. Discover our tips for stronger and more resilient hair from root to end.

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Good habits for stronger hair

Take care of your scalp

If you want strong and revitalised hair, start by taking care of your scalp. How? By regularly massaging your head for a few minutes to stimulate microcirculation, for stronger and more beautiful hair.

Apply hair care after your shampoo

Your hair can be damaged by the weather, heat styling tools or even friction from clothing. Your shampoo will cleanse your scalp and lengths and treat your hair’s particular concern. But it is best to use a conditioner or hair care mask alongside it to complete its action and provide hair with extra care.

Brush your hair morning and evening

Regular brushing helps to distribute sebum from the scalp along the lengths of the hair, keeping it nourished and glossy. Brush your hair twice a day for one minute, starting with the ends and gradually working up towards the roots. Use a brush with boar bristles to gently detangle.

Which products should i use for stronger and more resilient hair?

The regenerating routine

The regenerating routine

The must-have hair care

Strengthen your hair day after day and boost its body and fullness. Gently cleanse your scalp and lengths using a suitable shampoo.

Next, apply a regenerating mask to towel-dried hair and your scalp to reinvigorate weakened hair from the roots.

Treat your scalp every other day with a fortifying hair loss serum.

Here are the key ingredients chosen by Sisley for stronger hair and a more resilient scalp:

RICE PROTEINS: bulb regeneration

EINKORN WHEAT EXTRACT: strength and resistance from the root

SAGE EXTRACT: purifies

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Sulfate-free densifying shampoo

Regenerating mask - nutrition and vitality

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Any questions?

Why is my hair brittle?

Brittle hair is often caused by not caring for the scalp.

The texture and colour of your hair may also have a part to play in its brittleness. Naturally curly hair is often drier and more prone to breakage than straight hair because curls prevent the scalp’s natural lubrication from moving down to the ends. Likewise, fair hair doesn’t have the same natural protection provided by melanin as dark hair.

Why is my hair breaking?

If you notice your hair breaking more than it should, it has probably been weakened by a lack of haircare. Other reasons for hair breaking more easily include using ill-suited products, colouring your hair, and excessive use of heat styling.

Can I apply a mask to my scalp?

While it is often advised that masks are applied to the lengths, some are formulated to be applied to the roots so as to regenerate and strengthen weakened hair by treating the scalp first.

How do I brush brittle hair?

So as not to break your already brittle hair, only brush your hair when it is dry, once or twice a day at most. Use a brush with boar bristles to gently detangle, starting with the ends and gradually working up the lengths. Brushing from the roots straight away may pull the hair out.