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Sunleÿa SPF 50

Very high protection, Face

High UVA-UVB protection. Ideal for initial sun exposure, very pale or sun-sensitive skin, and for all skin types exposed to strong sunshine (sea and snow activities etc.)

Size : 1.8 oz

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Sunleÿa SPF 50


    The Broad Spectrum Face Sun Care SPF 50+ is a high-performance sun care product with an advanced UVA/UVB filtering complex for high sun protection. To complete the UVA-UVB filtration action, the Face Sun Care SPF 50 combines anti-radical ingredients (alkekengi calyx, vitamin E) to reinforce the natural defense system, with vegetal active ingredients (shea butter, cucumber) to hydrate. Its silky and non greasy texture leaves skin protected without a whitening effect. Non comedogenic.

    Usage tips

    Apply Age Minimizing Sun Care SPF 50+ liberally before each sun exposure. Re-apply every two hours and after bathing. Precautions: Avoid overexposure to the sun and the peak sun hours. Do not expose babies and young children to direct sunlight.

    Key ingredients

    Alkekengi Calyx



    Vitamin E


    Shea butter

    Nourishes and repairs

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