Ecological Compound advanced formula

The best “multi-vitamin” for your skin

A visionary concept

Skin ecology has been at the heart of Ecological Compound since its launch in 1980 and is based on the scientific principle that our skin is a complex ecosystem in constant interaction with the external environment. Maintaining this ecosystem in perfect balance is essential for stronger, more beautiful and more resilient skin.

A new advanced formula full of plant extracts

Ecological Compound's new advanced formula is inspired by the latest scientific discoveries about your skin's microbiome and its natural defence system. It acts on these new targets to reinforce your skin's resilience via two key actions:

Strengthened skin immunity and improved resilience

The Burdock extract supports the balance of the cutaneous microbiome specific to each person's skin. Promotes the growth of a more balanced skin flora with "good bacteria" to defend against the harmful effects of external aggressors.

The Meadowsweet extract helps reinforce the system of natural skin defences. Stimulates the production of antimicrobial peptides to strengthen the skin barrier and prevent the growth of bad bacteria

Boost the skin's vital function

The original complex of five plant extracts has been enriched. Centella Asiatica extract, 3,500 times more concentrated than in the original formula.

Promotes the restructuration of the skin barrier function and dermal regeneration to tone and bring vitality to the skin

Greater resilience for your skin

Defence against external aggressors (pollution, smoke and other free radicals etc.) that can cause premature aging.

Skin is strengthened

The skin’s natural defenses are stimulated, boosting its immunity to function at its optimum.

Nourished and hydrated for the long term

Your skin feels more comfortable and supple. Its quality is improved with each application, becoming more toned, smoother and softer, and your complexion more luminous.


Your skin is perfectly prepared for the next stage of the treatment routine.

Universal and Essential

Ecological Compound Advanced Formula is a universal skincare moisturiser. It has been designed for both men and women of all ages and suitable for all skin types, formulated to fit into all skincare routines. Its light and non-greasy "second skin" texture is quickly absorbed, leaving your skin matte.

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The surface layers of the skin are home to many micro-organisms making up the cutaneous flora, a particularly complex and diverse ecosystem. Learn more about how Ecological Compound Advanced Formula helps maintain the delicate balance of this ecosystem with Sisley Expert.

A light and non-greasy “second skin” texture that absorbs rapidly, leaving a matte finish.

How to apply:

Every morning and/or night.

1) Use alone or ideally in combination with All Day All Year.

2) Apply after serum, follow with a daily moisturizer or sun care (in the morning), if desired.