Sisley’s Expertise

Sisley combines effectiveness with sensoriality in its treatments.

For over forty years, Sisley has been developing beauty products with innovative formulas, which combine effectiveness with sensoriality while respecting skin’s integrity and harmony.

Our Research Laboratories’ unique know how is based on our global approach to beauty. It brings together expert knowledge of skin – the skins mechanisms and its environment – and a unique expertise and mastery of Phyto-cosmetology. Combining the very best of nature with the most advanced science, each Sisley product offers visible results as well as being a pleasure to use. Our products are the building blocks of the brand’s reputation throughout the world.

Taking our time & striving for excellence

Our philosophy makes a significant difference and helps contribute to the success of our products.

Sisley, a French company managed by passionate leaders, strives for excellence at all stages and in each category of cosmetics.

Our research teams receive the necessary time and freedom to develop formulas with exceptional results that meet the highest safety standards.

Our approach is respectful and rigourous, drawing on over forty years of experience creating pioneering products.

Sisleÿa, one of our iconic, award winning skincare collections and a worldwide success, required over ten years of research. Its complex formula combines over fifty different natural key ingredients that simultaneously target the different mechanisms of skin ageing.

Skin is an extraordinary organ, whose mechanisms are designed to protect us. This shield, however, is also vulnerable and it can become damaged over time or when it is attacked.

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With our in depth knowledge of skin’s mechanisms, Sisley offers a complete skincare routine that is suitable for a wide variety of skin types, ages and tones which responds to varying needs depending on the weather and the environment.

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Sisley’s formulas are designed to meet different cosmetic concerns: healthy skin and signs of ageing, make-up, make-up removal and sun protection. Sisley offers treatments for the face and body, including specific areas such as (the décolleté, the fragile eye area, neck and lips), as well as hair with the “Hair Rituel by Sisley” brand.

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In order to be effective, our products take into account internal factors (dehydration, excess sebum, cell ageing, hormonal upheavals), as well as external and behavioral factors (sun damage, pollution, lifestyle).

The powers of nature

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Nature possesses extraordinary and still largely untapped resources. Among the 600,000 species of plants on earth, over 300,000 have been identified (including plants and fungi), this figure does not take into account marine plants. Less than 20% have been scientifically studied.

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Plants, trees and flowers from both the terrestrial and marine world have remarkable properties. They possess vital energy, powers of regeneration, protection and adaptation. These properties enable them to live, adapt and defend themselves in different environments that are often hostile and evolving.

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Key ingredients from the plant world are widely used, notably in medicine, since they demonstrate an excellent combination of effectiveness and tolerance.

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The multidisciplinary Sisley Research teams include botanists, chemists, biologists, pharmacists and engineers who constantly study nature to understand, imitate and identify the most promising plant species and key ingredients to best serve the skin.

Expertise and knowledge of the plant world

Sisley draws on its expertise from knowledge of plants.

Plants have extraordinary properties that depend on multiple external and internal factors (origin, species, variety, climate).

For over forty years, Sisley Research teams have specialised in studying the plant world. They carefully select plants from around the world – exotic or endemic, cultivated or wild – from which to extract key ingredients. They choose those plants in accordance with biodiversity and local communities; some ingredients are organic while others are cultivated according to sustainable farming protocols.

Extracts can come from a flower, stem, leaf, root, seed or fruit. Many different criteria are taken into account such as the origin and place of production, harvest date and extraction technology. This work is renewed on a yearly basis in order to obtain key ingredients from living plants.

For example, the black rose extract, which is used in the formulas of the Black Rose collection; It is obtained from the flowers' petals. Sisley Research teams decided to use this specific part of the plant for its abundance of antioxidant polyphenols and astringent tannins. This extract is harvested during the early flowering stage to prevent excess UV rays from damaging the key molecules.

Exceptional dosages and synergies

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Based on their knowledge of skin’s mechanisms, Sisley Research Laboratories strive for maximum effectiveness in each cosmetic benefit that they target. To achieve this, they develop complex formulas – that are as complete as possible – which combine the actions of a large number of key ingredients; This is a long and meticulous research process.

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The three parameters that help optimise our formulas’ effectiveness are concentration, dosage and complementarity. Those parameters are based on an in depth knowledge of key combinations, which is the labour of over forty years of expertise that is continuously enriched by new discoveries.

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Sisley products are also exceptionally concentrated in key ingredients with some exceeding 20% of the formula. The dosage of each key ingredient is carefully studied to achieve optimum concentration, which enables maximum effectiveness while offering excellent tolerance. This intricate and precise work has built the reputation of our products.

Exceptional sensoriality

Sisley's skincare and haircare provides great sensoriality.

Since its inception, Sisley has always used its passion and know how to increase the sensoriality of its skincare, haircare and perfume. Sisley’s founders have always been involved in every product creation. We believe that cosmetics form the perfect union between pleasure and effectiveness and represent more than just skincare, but a moment for ourselves. Whether it is in the form of a serum, gel, cream or emulsion, each Sisley product is designed to create a perfect alliance between its form and key ingredients to contribute to the formula’s overall effectiveness.

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For instance, the Hydra-Global Serum is a gel cream that has a surprising, watery texture that intensely hydrates the skin while providing it with a sensation of freshness and comfort.

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The Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream, a ‘transforming’ cream that melts when applied, transforms into micro-droplets of water when it touches the skin, which infuses the epidermis with freshness and comfort so that the skin remains hydrated for a long time.

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Phyto Rouge provides all the intensity of a lipstick, with the added benfits of it's skincare formula, with a texture that is inspired by a balm. When it comes into contact with the lips, its gel texture transforms into a fluid that provides an incomparable feeling of comfort and a vibrant, luminous and lasting colour.

Sisley uses all the benefits of essential oils in its formulas.

Each essential oil is selected according to strict specifications for their purity and remarkable properties. They contribute to a formula’s effectiveness (for example, purifying, toning and soothing actions) and they also add a natural fragrance to it.

One of our emblematic olfactory signatures is the natural fragrance of the “Hair Rituel by Sisley” brand.

Effectiveness and tolerance

Our objective is to achieve the best combination of effectiveness and tolerance. The effectiveness and safety of our products is not only assessed by our specialised research teams, but also safety assessors, clinical experts and dermatologists from independent laboratories in France.