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All you need to know about hydration

Hydration is the key to beautiful skin. But, how does one know if skin is well-hydrated ? And, which hydration routine is the right one to adopt according to your skin type ? José Ginestar, Director of Scientific Research at Sisley, provides the answers to all of these questions.

Every skin specialist will tell you: beautiful skin is properly hydrated skin. But what is hydration ? « The content of water in the skin » answers José Ginestar, Director of Research at Sisley. And, in order to ensure that water is correctly contained, a few habits are essential.

The right habits to adopt

In order to keep skin hydrated, one must « drink sufficiently » throughout the day (it is recommended to drink between 1.6 L and 2 L per day. Another step which must not be ignored: « apply a hydrating treatment adapted to your skin type both in the morning and at night ». Take care to avoid using « dehydrating cosmetic products », and protect your skin from the elements: sun, wind and cold temperatures are the enemies of hydration. The same stands true for pollution, age and one’s lifestyle. In order to combat their effects, choose cosmetic products « targeting the production of hyaluronic acid and aquaporins (the skin irrigation channels) like Hydra-Global Serum does », recommends José Ginestar. It is essential to hydrate the skin continuously.

Age and Hydration

Time plays a primary role in skin hydration. As the years go by, « skin becomes dryer, naturally produces less lipids and retains water less efficiently », explains José Ginestar. It is therefore necessary « to use products which are at once hydrating, in order to bring skin the water it is lacking, and nourishing, in order to help reconstruct its lipidic barrier ». The difference between hydration and nutrition? We tend to forget it too often, despite its cruciality and correspondence to two distinct needs: the first provides hydration, while the second provides lipids, also known as « fat ».

Which hydration routine corresponds to which skin type ?

Dehydrated skin:
One must hydrate intensely. Opt for a combination of Serum and Hydra-Global treatment.

Dry skin:
It simultaneously requires hydration and nutrition. Soothe it with the Confort Extrême range, optionally adding Hydra-Global Serum or Black Rose Precious Face Oil .

Regular Skin :
In order to provide it with the hydration it needs, use Hydra-Global Serum and Sisleyouth ,or the Moisturizer with Cucumber. Looking for a radiance boost ? Integrate Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream into your skin care routine.

Oily skin :
Just because skin is oily (or combination skin), it doesn’t mean it does not need to be hydrated. Combine Hydra-Global Serum with Mattifying Moisturizing Skin Care with Tropical Resins to reduce shine.

Is it necessary to change your routine
according to the season ?

« In winter, as a function of your skin’s needs, you can adopt a hydrating serum, like Hydra-Global Serum, or a nourishing oil like Black Rose Precious Face Oil, in addition to your usual moisturising cream. In summer when we are seeking something light, the Hydra-Global Serum will suffice ».

*source : European Health Authorities

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