Hair Rituel Analyzer

The expert personalised diagnostic tool

To provide you with hair care advice specifically tailored to your needs, Hair Rituel by Sisley has developed the Hair Rituel Analyzer: a smart expert tool that gives an accurate, reliable and personalised hair and scalp condition diagnosis at the point of sale in a matter of minutes.

Smart Beauty

This high-tech device incorporates the expertise of a dermatologist together with the leading digital device specialists.

Hair analyser picture

- Look at both the scalp (110×) and hair fibre (900×) by means of an ultra-precise optical sensor.

- Create a personalised hair diagnosis thanks to the use of a powerful algorithm.

Hair analyser diagnostic picture

- In terms of the scalp: scalp evenness and sensitivity, pore condition, amount of sebum, and hair density.

- In terms of the hair fibre: fibre diameter and condition.

The five key steps:

Initial observation

Initial observation

Our advisors carry out a guided assessment using specialised, targeted questions to determine your hair profile and goals.


The scalp and hair fibre are analysed using the Hair Analyzer device and our advisors expert techniques.

Sharing results

Our algorithm generates your results in real time.


Our advisors create a custom bespoke hair care routine of products tailored to your needs.

Sending the diagnosis

You are sent your full diagnosis by email.

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Get a personalized hair diagnosis with Hair Rituel’s Hair Analyzer tool by our advisors today and receive a take home kit to boosts hair's youthfulness and density.

*Limited to 1 redemption per person, and valid for first time users or users who have not received Sisley samples in the past 3 months.