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The importance of hydrating your skin and replenishing its water reservoir with Hydra global serum and Hydra Global.

Does the age-old advice of drinking 8 glasses of water a day still hold water? Cliché as it sounds, our environment and lifestyle may inevitably cause the skin to lose moisture faster than it should. With age, the water reservoir in the skin also begins to lose its capacity for retaining water. Dehydration is a condition that can happen to all skin types.

While dehydration generally leads to dry and flaky skin, oil may also be created to combat the loss of water, explaining the appearance of oily skin in some cases. If your skin is dry, flaky or oily, it might be time to re-evaluate your skincare regime to consider including more hydrating products.

Infuse the skin with moisture from deep within with the new Hydra Global Serum, a concentrate that acts against all causes of dehydration, at every level of the skin.

Hydra Global Serum is your skin strong ally to help correct water deficits in dehydrated skin in 3 simple steps. For truly self-sufficient and natural rehydration of the skin, Hydra-Global Serum helps to stimulate the skin’s cellular capacities and retrains the skin to

1.Trap Water

Hydra Global Serum revives and replenishes the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the dermis. The role of hyaluronic acid is to trap water and maintain the skin’s deep water reserves. The serum also boosts the production of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) which is responsible for keeping adequate hydration in the top layer of skin.

2.Circulate Water

Ensures every layer of the epidermis is well hydrated by reactivating the water irrigation channels in the skin so water can be well circulated from the dermis to the epidermis.

3.Retain Water

The serum helps to preserve the water reserves by protecting the Hyaluronic acid and reinforcing the tight junctions in the skin making it impermeable. Both of these actions help to limit water evaporation to preserve an ideal level of moisture in the skin.

Maximise the hydrating benefits for your skin by applying Hydra Global Serum prior to Hydra Global.

In your day to day activity, look and feel good with these simple tips to stay hydrated.

• Use a humidifier in an air conditioned room so the skin doesn’t dry out quickly.

• Include food and drinks in your diet, such as fish or fruits which increases hydration in the body system.

• Stay away from caffeine, or if you really have to get your daily kick, opt for decaf and drink plenty of water to offset the dehydration.

• Stay away from sugar-filled drinks by adding options, such as lemon slices to make a flavoured-packed water infusion recipe.

• Masking every other day is a great way to relax and keep skin hydrated. Use Hydra Flash quick and intense hydration!

It’s not too late to start hydrating!

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