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My Sisley Club

In order to thank you for your loyalty,
Sisley Created My Sisley Club, a Rewards Program.

Sisley My Sisley Club Benefits

Reward yourself
with products

Accumulate points
$10 spent = 1 earned point

Redeem points for products
1 point = $1 towards your purchase

For example:
Emulsion Ecologique
Ecological Compound
Redeem 250 points for this product
phyto-lip twist
Phyto-Lip Twist
Redeem 65 points for this product

Sisley status

Become an ORCHID Member
with your first order
  • Earn Sisley products through acquired points
Become a GOLD Member
with 100 earned points
  •  Earn Sisley products through acquired points
  • Exclusive product previews
Become a PLATINUM Member
with 200 earned points
  •  Earn Sisley products through acquired points
  • Complimentary Overnight Shipping on all orders
  • Exclusive product previews

How to become a My Sisley Club member

You are automatically eligible to be enrolled in My Sisley Club after your first purchase on the A account must be created in order to complete your enrollment in My Sisley Club and to be eligible for points.

How to earn My Sisley Club points

With each purchase on, you will accumulate 1 earned point for every $10 spent

Your earned points will be rounded up, starting at $10.00

For example:
$12 = 1 earned point, $25 = 3 earned points, $37 = 4 earned points…

Your earned points will be available to use 30 days after the purchase date.
This period corresponds to the potential return delay of your purchased products.
During these 30 days, the new points that you have just earned will appear on your account under "Pending Points".

All points are exclusive of tax & shipping fees.

How to calculate your My Sisley Club status

Orchid Member:
Automatically enrolled with first purchase.

Gold Member:
You must accumulate between 100 and 199 My Sisley Club points between January 1st and December 31st.

Platinum Member:
You must accumulate at least 200 My Sisley Club points between January 1st and December 31st.

Earned status and benefits carry over into the following calendar year

My Sisley Club points are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase

My Sisley Club points can be redeemed 30 days after the date of purchase

How to access your My Sisley Club information

Through your

In the newsletters

How am I informed of my personalized My Sisley Club offers?

My Sisley Club offers will be offfered periodically.

They will be announced under "My Account" as well as in Sisley Newsletters.

Do the My Sisley Club points expire?

Your My Sisley Club points are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
They are valid to redeem 30 days after the purchase.

You will find the details of your My Sisley Club points in your account and in the Sisley newsletters.

Access my account
How to redeem My Sisley Club points

Earned My Sisley Club points can be redeemed for products from the entire online catalog, according to the following rule:

1 point = $1 purchase

When you have enough My Sisley Club points, the product you choose will appear in your cart and the corresponding points will be debited from your account at the moment the order is processed.

The number of points needed to earn a Sisley product is noted on the "My Sisley Club" link on the product sheet.

Are My Sisley Club points available to use in stores?
Are my purchases of Sisley products in stores taken into account?

My Sisley Club loyalty program is reserved to online boutique clients.

Points earned through the My Sisley Club loyalty program are not available to use outside of
Sisley products purchased outside of are not eligible to earn points.

Will My Sisley Club account be updated immediately following my purchase?

The points earned can be used 30 days after the purchase date.
The new points acquired from a purchase appear in "My Account" as "Pending Points" for 30 days.

There may be up to a 24 hour delay during the review process to ensure that your My Sisley Club points are updated accurately on your balance.

Can I redeem my points for products without purchasing any other product on the website?

Yes, but only if you have accumulated enough points needed to redeem them into a product.

Can I qualify for more than one offer?

You are only eligible for the “CURRENT OFFER” noted in your account at the time. Please note, that the Birthday Offer supersedes all offers and will automatically apply to your purchase.

Can I update my Email address?

Should you wish to change your email address, please create a new account  and email customer service in order to  transfer any existing  points balance  onto your new account. An email will then be sent to your attention to confirm the point transfer once it has been finalized.

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