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Can reading this story age your skin?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We are all guilty of too much screen time and science is only now beginning to uncover possible negative effects of our digital lives.

Can you remember
the last time
you went a full day without using your phone or computer?

Sisley researchers have been focused on one negative by-product in particular: new technology pollution (digital pollution). When combined with outdoor and indoor pollution, constant exposure to digital pollution might have a direct and visible impact on your skin. As technology evolves, so does the research behind Sisley’s skincare.

NEW Sisleyouth Anti-Pollution is the energising and super hydrating skin care that provides a complete solution to fight against all types of pollution. This essential daily moisturiser keeps your skin protected day and night. It’s your perfect partner for everyday life.

Where is all this Pollution Coming From?

You are likely to be familiar with outdoor pollution and have been educated on its negative effects on our health and the environment. These atmospheric pollutants such as car exhausts, manufacturing industry waste and cigarette smoke can have negative impacts on your skin.

It might come as a shock that the air inside your home is often five to ten times more polluted the air outside! Indoor pollution comes from paint, cleaning products, aerosols, and cooking fumes among others and is equally harmful to the skin.

Digital pollution, the newest type of pollution that our skin is exposed to, is produced by tablets, smartphones, computers and televisions. Their screens emit blue light, a very high energy wavelength that acts as pollution on your skin. Together these pollutants can lead to dehydration, loss of radiance, sensitivity and aging.

A powerful cocktail
of active ingredients

Sisleyouth Anti-Pollution contains a powerful cocktail of anti-oxidant, anti-free radical and protective key ingredients (Buckwheat seed, Ginkgo biloba and Pea extracts, and Vitamin E Acetate) which all help to protect the skin from all types of pollution.

The combined action of Ginseng extract, recognised for its energising properties, and Kiwi extract, rich in minerals, improves the toned appearance of the skin and helps it to regain energy and vitality.

Plant-based sugar, Buckwheat seed extract and Shea butter contribute to the hydration of the skin. Enjoy a unique and fresh emulsion texture which is silky with a velvety matte finish. Essential oils with stimulating properties provide a fresh and energizing fragrance.

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