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Hydra-Global Serum

Moisturising anti-aging facial serum

Hydra-Global Serum


    Hydra-Global serum is the first fundamental daily step in reinforcing the skin’s power of auto-hydration. To boost the skin’s intensive natural hydration, the serum has 3 unique features:

    1. THE SKIN’S POWER OF AUTO-HYDRATION A powerful hydration booster, it acts on the 3 key stages of the water cycle by using the power of active ingredients from natural origins.

    • It increases water reserves Yeast extracts of Blue Agave from Mexico and Carob seeds increases the quantity of hyaluronic acid. The hydro-cushion is plumped up. Japanese Cedar bud extract helps capture and retain water which restores suppleness to the skin.

    • It promotes water circulation in the epidermis Wild Pansy extract reactivates water retention in the cells, quenching the skin.

    • It lastingly retains water in the skin Iris extract protects newly formed hyaluronic acid and Edelweiss extract increases impermeability at the surface*. Filled with water, skin appears bouncy.

    2. THE PLEASURE OF A WATERY TEXTURE AND AN ENERGIZING FRAGRANCE A fresh, delicate and light texture that leaves a bare-skin sensation. Instantly absorbed, it allows daily skin care to be applied immediately. Signature of the Hydra-Global range: essential oils of Sage, Lavender and Marjoram naturally fragrance the serum.


    • An ideal addition to all skin care products: it completes the care, bringing intense hydration to every level of skin. • As part of the expert moisturizing duo: daily use of Hydra-Global combined with Hydra-Global Serum optimises the skin moisturising performance.

    Non-comedogenic. Oil free. * in vitro test on the ingredient


    Rehydrated from within, the skin appears supple and replumped. The complexion is radiant and wrinkles look softened.


    Apply to face and neck, morning and evening before your daily skin care product.

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