Eau d’Ikar,
or the breath of the maquis
Eau d'Ikar is where elegance meets the wild charm of the bush. At the origin of this fragrance between sky and sea is an "Eau de Lentisque" that Philippe d'Ornano found in his father's dressing room. It's a fragrance he wore so much that that he wanted to enhance it in tribute to his native Corsica.

Eau d'Ikar is also a metaphor.

A nod to Greek mythology. Based on the figure of Icarus and his desire to rise, to approach the light until his wings were burnt. A duality between the chill of the heavens and the warmth of the stars, which translates this dazzling flight over a bed of leather and wood.
At the heart of Eau d'Ikar is mastic, the resin of the maquis with its green and biting nuances, tamed by the softness of an enveloping trail.
A green,
woody and chypre-tinged escapade
Eau d'Ikar 100 ml

The Eau d'Ikar range

A fresh and woody citrus composition rich with fine natural essences

Men's eau de toilette - citrus, fresh and woody

Size: 100 ml

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A masterpiece of a bottle
The fragrance is housed in a bottle with the artistic influences that Isabelle d'Ornano loves. A clear, crystalline bottle, featuring a pure, abstract sculpted wing and the bust of a man worked into the thickness of the glass, is the work of Bronislaw Krzysztof.
A green, woody and chypre-tinged escapade
Eau d’Ikar is a green, woody chypre-tinged escapade. It is a journey to Corsica and the discovery of the mastic’s dazzling green colour, which permeates each and every moment. It is a winding path, sprinkled with the freshness of citrus fruits and the lightness of jasmine. The chypre and woody accord immerse us in the baking heat of the scrubland. Cistus, the iconic resin from the Mediterranean rose rock plant, adds colour to the glimmers of amber and leather while iris provides a soft touch.