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Sustainable Development

Sisley takes action to ensure workplace resources meet the human needs of all our employees, whilst ensuring the sustainability of our natural and environmental systems for now and the future.


The process of optimisation under the Double HQE ®

Working conditions

- Ease of access and comfort (construction of parking, cafeteria and other infrastructure )
- Visual comfort , all offices are brightly lit and soundproofed (window and conservatory areas with access to natural light, movable partitions, sound absorbing etc)

Resources and energy

- Reduction of energy expenditure ( exterior insulation , double-flow ventilation , scheduling of heating, cooling and ventilation , awnings )
- Reduction of water consumption (stormwater management with recovery for watering.)
- Optimisation of lighting needs ( low consumption lighting , motion detectors etc ...)
- Waste sorting and recycling

Architectural and landscape quality

- 2,000 trees were planted on the site
- Attractive outdoor areas , minimising the impact on the neighborhood
- Car parking designed to minimize the visual impact
- Several eco-roofs
- Awning protection installed at building entrances


The Center for Research and Development in Saint- Ouen Alms inaugurated in January 2011, is part of a process of environmental certification High Quality (HEQ) with for the first time in France in both offices and the logistics warehouses .


Regardless of the HQE , the Saint - Ouen Alms integrated on its roof the largest photovoltaic plant in the north of the Loire . Spanning across all 36 000 m2 roof of the warehouse, it is connected to the EDF network and offers a complete bituminous waterproofing system with integrated photovoltaic cells: 6556 Photovoltaic modules consist of solar cells.

The forecasted energy production is estimated at Central 726 megawatts / year , covering 100% of the energy consumption used within the offices (and 25% of the total energy consumption on the site), saving 44 tonnes of CO2 produced per year.


Designed to the highest standards of quality control, plant Blois complies with European and American requirements and is today one of the most modern of his generation. This voluntary commitment is annually rewarded by obtaining ISO 14001 (environment) and OHSAS 18001 (health, hygiene, safety). For example, in 2011 alone, the plant has reduced by almost 9% its consumption of water and energy. 1600 trees were planted on the site.