Makeup Removers

Makeup removal is an important step in your beauty routine. Sisley offers products that respect your skin while removing impurities and traces of makeup. Whether it be a makeup removing foam or milk, several textures are available depending on your skin type and your habits and a specific makeup remover is available for the delicate eye contour area.

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Gentle Brush Face and Neck

An accessory that increases the benefits of water-based cleansers.

Discover Gentle Brush Face and Neck

The Gentle Brush has been specifically designed to increase the beneficial effects of the cleansing and foaming formulas while remaining gentle to the skin. Use daily to: - remove impurities, - remove dead skin cells, - stimulate the epidermis and prepare it for skin care products. With its flexible and gentle bristles, it is appropriate for all skin types, except skin prone to acne or reactiv...

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