Hydrating the skin is an essential step in any daily beauty routine. Sisley offers hydrating skincare products for the body with plant-based extracts that soothe skin, leave it feeling comfortable and soft, and allow it to maintain a youthful appearance. These hydrating moisturizers are especially recommended for dry skin susceptible to a tight, pulling feeling.

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Confort Extrême Hand Cream

With harpagophytum

A care product that nourishes, protects, and preserves the hands' beauty.

Discover Confort Extrême Hand Cream

Confort Extrême Nutritive Hand Care with Harpagophytum is a complete hand care product combining hydration, nutrition, repairing, and protection. The unique combination of plant extracts with nutritive and healing (Shea butter and Sunflower oil) and hydrating (Guava and Carrot extracts) properties instantly soothes provides long-lasting hand protection. Harpagophytum extract soothes and softens s...

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