To fight against the appearance of cellulite, stubborn fat deposits, and a loss of firmness, Sisley offers slimming products formulated with plant-based extracts. Their cutting-edge formulas integrate active ingredients that target the mechanisms involved with fat storage and water retention, leaving skin visibly more beautiful. The silhouette is refined, and the skin is smoother and more toned.

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Phyto-Svelt Global

Contouring body care

An intensive anti-cellulite* contouring body care for a resculpted body and a svelter silhouette.

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Phyto-Svelt Global is an intensive anti-cellulite* contouring body care product providing comprehensive action on curves and stubborn cellulite. A unique combination of plant-based active ingredients for targeted effectiveness and visible results: cellulite deposits are smoothed and the skin is firmer. The hips, thighs, and stomach are visibly contoured, the body looks as if it has been resculpted...

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Intensive anti-cellulite body care*