Lip Pencils

The application of a lip liner allows you to redraw the contour of your lips and ensure a better hold for lipstick. Sisley offers lip liners with formulas rich in hydrating, nourishing, and softening active ingredients. With their ultra-glide-on lead, application is easy, pleasant, and precise.

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Phyto-Lèvres Perfect

A firm, gentle, easy-glide pencil for simple, precise lip lining.

Discover Phyto-Lèvres Perfect

Phyto-Lèvres Perfect is a firm, yet gentle, easy-glide lip pencil for simple and precise lip lining. Enriched with Kokum butter and phytosqualane, its formula nourishes, hydrates, and comforts lips. Aloe vera extract and jojoba oil leave lips smooth, soft, and supple. Its slick texture combines technology that ensures softness, firmness, and comfort during application whilst promoting colour a...

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