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Campagne candle

Sisley candles pleasantly fragrance a room in an intense yet refined way and create a unique and relaxing atmosphere.

Campagne candle


    The countryside is brought into the home... Inspired by Eau de Campagne, the Campagne candle is a concentration of nature with an elegant and bold fragrance trail. In its forest green lacquered glass case, the Campagne candle reveals an intense black wax.


    • When using for the first time, burn for at least two hours. • To align the wax level, allow the candle to burn for several hours, without exceeding 4 hours. • For optimum use, check that the wick is always vertical and centered when lighting. • If the candle smokes or is the wick drops in the wax, carefully cut the wickat 1cm after allowing the wax to cool.

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