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Even though men’s skin is generally pretty resistant, it is still under attack every day (pollution, UV rays, stress, and tobacco use) and shaving may cause skin irritation.

Men’s skin needs to be cleansed, balanced, regulated, hydrated, soothed, and treated with anti-aging skincare products when it begins to age. 


To clean your skin and remove impurities, washing your face twice a day with a water-based skincare product like the Pain nettoyant sans savon pour visage or the Mousse crème nettoyante et démaquillante is recommended for all skin types.  The Pain nettoyant sans savon pour visage is specifically recommended for those with oily skin. 


To revitalize and restore your skin’s balance, use a daily skincare product like the  EMULSION ECOLOGIQUE 50ml


To help skin maintain its youthful appearance and prevent the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration, it is important to hydrate skin daily with an intensive hydrating skincare product like Hydra-global


To keep skin looking younger longer, applying a specific “shielding” skincare product like Toute la journée, Toute l’année year round will help your skin to combat the visible effects of aging and the harmful environmental stressors you encounter each day. 

Preparing for shaving

A scrub softens and straightens out facial hair and revives the skin.  Regular exfoliation helps to prevent in-grown hairs.  Fresh and gentle, the Gel lustrant et nettoyant pour visage may be used every day for this purpose. 

Razor burn

Shaving puts your skin to the test:  the blades can irritate your skin, it can become red and feel hot, and pimples may appear.

To soothe your skin, restore its comfortable feeling, and quickly eradicate redness and that burning feeling, Sisley offers soothing and healing products adapted to your needs, like the CREME REPARATRICE POT 50ml Sisleÿum pour homme , the comprehensive skincare product for men, is also very effective for calming razor burn. 


In general, men’s skin produces too much sebum, is shiny in the T-zone, and has imperfections (blackheads, small pimples, and localized irritation).  To regulate skin, reduce shine, and correct these imperfections, Sisley offers balancing and mattifying products adapted to your needs.  After cleansing your skin, apply the Lotion tonique aux fleurs to oily or shiny areas, or to areas prone to imperfections.  Then use the over your entire face to regulate shine and give it a matte finish.  Each morning and night, you may apply  Perfection Globale to minimize enlarged pores and improve the skin’s texture. Once or twice a week, you may use the MASQUE CREME AUX RESINES TROPICALES 60ml


With regards to skincare products, men prefer simple, quick, and comprehensive solutions. Sisley has created Sisleÿum pour homme , a product that addresses all the needs of men’s skin.  This skincare product helps to combat the signs of stress and fatigue, restore the skin’s healthy appearance, smooth the skin, fight effectively against the visible signs of skin aging, and soothe razor burn. 

Eye contour

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of the face.  It is a highly-used area of the face (blinking) and blood and lymphatic circulation is slower in this region, resulting in dark circles and puffiness.  In this case, use the Eye and Lip Contour Balm.  This is also the first area to show signs of aging (like fine lines caused by dehydration and expression lines) so it is essential to treat the eye contour with a targeted hydrating skincare product like the Complexe contour des yeux et des lèvres aux extraits végétaux before the first signs of aging.  When fine lines and wrinkles do appear, you can use SISLEYA CONTOUR YEUX ET LEVRES 15ml .  And to freshen the look of your eyes instantly, the Masque contour des yeux may be applied 2 to 3 times a week.