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02 01 2013

So Intense Mascara

So Intense thickening and strengthening mascara features a groundbreaking formula with unique skincare benefits to improve the length and thickness of bare lashes in just 4 weeks.

For the first time, Sisley has used a new Vitamin Peptide active ingredient
with spectacular results.
Based on a combination of a tripeptide (peptide composed of 3 amino
acids) and Vitamin H or biotin, renowned for the treatment of hair loss,
it binds to the lash for a dual action:
1. It stimulates the multiplication of keratinocytes in the lash root
to visibly increase the length and thickness of lashes*.
2. It improves lash anchorage in the dermis to slow down lash loss
during make-up removal. Lashes are stronger and more intense !

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