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Sisley pays tribute to its founder


Sisley pays tribute to its founder

31st March 1926 – 25th September 2015

The son of Guillaume and Elisabeth d’Ornano (née Michalska), Hubert d’Ornano was born on 31st March 1926 in the family castle of Melgiew (Poland). He came from a centuries old family of Corsican origin, the Ornanos, who between the XVI to XX century, gave France 3 field marshals, generals, officers and a minister.

At the age of 8, he returned to France and attended the Saint-Martin de Pontoise School.

He started working life early and at the age of 20 founded, with his brother Michel, the perfume company Jean d’Albret which created many great fragrances including L’Ecusson (1946), Casaque and Princesse d’Albret.

In 1953, with their father Guillaume and their mother Elisabeth, they founded the skincare range Orlane, which became a world reference in cosmetics in the 1960s.

In 1963, he married Isabelle d’Ornano, née Potocka. Together they had five children. Michel d’Ornano, elected Mayor of Deauville, decided to dedicate himself to political life and left the business world in 1968. They then sold the company Jean d’Albret-Orlane, while Hubert d’Ornano continued to direct on behalf of the new shareholders until 1975. At this time, he took over and became president of the fashion house Jean-Louis Scherrer.

In 1976, finding himself once again independent, he took over, with his wife Isabelle d’Ornano, Sisley which he decided to make a pioneer of phyto-cosmetology and to only use the best natural plant extracts. "I love the countryside. I am aware that, thanks to modern technology, it is in plants that one can make the biggest discoveries, not only for medicine, but also for cosmetics."

During the forty years that followed, joined by their children, Philippe, Christine and Elisabeth, Hubert and Isabelle made Sisley one of the world leaders of high end cosmetics. In 2013, Sisley’s Presidency was entrusted to Philippe d’Ornano.

With his wife, Hubert d’Ornano remained very involved in the development of Sisley and of its teams as well as to the quality of its products. Together, they created in 2007 the Sisley-d’Ornano Foundation, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, to conduct charity work and philanthropy in very diverse fields, both in France and abroad. One such work was the restoration of the fresco of the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, the seat of the Polish Mission in Paris.

The following year, Hubert d’Ornano published his memoirs writing Boundless Beauty, in which he wished "to tell this personal, family and collective story to safeguard it, to pass it on to my descendents. To share it with those who use and love Sisley and those who have contributed to its development. For him, « in telling this story, it is also a means of reflecting our values, ideas, desires, a style, that of Sisley."