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US Weekly: Essential Oils


US Weekly: Essential Oils

One year anniversary of Black Rose Precious Face Oil

There is no better way to celebrate the one year anniversary of our Black Rose Precious Face Oil than an amazing story in US Weekly Magazine.

The popularity of this dry oil has completely swept the nation. From celebrities to makeup artists and customers, this product is a true cult favorite!

The wonderful thing about this face oil, is that it is truly a product for everyone. You can choose to use it either in the morning, or at night applied underneath your moisturizer. Someone with dry skin can use it in the morning to give their skin a surge of oils that they need, while someone with more combination to oily skin can apply this at night to combat or level out the excess oils produced by the skin, while still providing nourishment. A big thing to remember, is it can also be used to target certain areas of the skin. If your cheeks are dry, but you have a more oily t-zone, then just apply one drop to the cheeks! The beauty of the product lies in the diversity of the application and use! On top of all the amazing benefits it has for the skin, once you smell it, you will instantly fall in love. The floral aroma it emits is so soothing and spa-like. It’s no wonder it has been flying off the shelves.
Who wouldn’t want a facial experience right in the comfort of their own home?

Insider tip- if you want to boost the skin's luminosity and wake up looking fresh-faced, apply 2-3 drops of the Black Rose Precious Face Oil at night, and layer it with the Black Rose Cream Mask on top. It has been such a wonderful year for the Black Rose Precious Face Oil, cheers to many more!

Cristina Bisono
Public Relations Manager